Meeting Venue: COLEGIUL TEHNIC REŞIŢA, Reşiţa CF 3228799 (RO)


Partner Organization

Name of Participant

Municipality of Kilkis (EL)


Iakovidou, Anastasia

Farfaratzi, Sotiria

Karvouniari, Panagiota

Association E-Juniors (FR)

Mark Konick

Françoise Pettelat

Patrizia Papitto

Cece Granada (ES)

Julio Jimenez Garcia

Rafael Ruiz Pleguezuelos

Concepcion Merelo Rodriguez

Susana Salvador Martínez

María Pilar Garzón Montes

Kivotos Elpida (CY)

Leonidas Erakleous


Staff Meeting Date: May 6, 2014.

1.      Meeting at Reşiţa Technical High School:

·         Brief tour of school; ca.800 students + 56 teachers; intro. + welcome by headmaster.

·         Discussion about technical/vocational schools in RO + CY + student backgrounds + related social issues inherent to these student populations.

Ø   Promotion of these types of schools by the RO gov’t. because more jobs available in technical domains.

Ø   RO gov’t goal: 60% technical (vocational) vs. 40% theoretical (liberal arts) high schools.

Ø   The top three professions for which Reşiţa Technical High School provides training: mechanics; electricians, and; electronic technicians.

2.      Dissemination:

·         Representatives from CY + FR interviewed about project and stay in RO by the local, national public radio station and by the regional television station; RO partner to send links to these shows.

3.      Review of Deliverables:

·         Almost all deliverables (including all three newsletters) have been completed; the one outstanding deliverable is the Best Practice Guide (BPG), which is the final product.

·         Missing contributions for the practical part of the BPG from RO + ES. Once received, CY will edit and finalize the BPG.

4.      TNL Meeting Evaluations:

·         Link to online transnational meeting evalution forms ( produced by ES should be accessed by all partners who should then fill out the relevant evaluation forms as soon as possible.

5.      Final Report Discussion:

·         Review of the different parts of the final report; CY to send model text for the common part (Part A) to the other partners.

·         Reminder was addressed to all partners about the need to complete the EST database.

2014-05-06 10                                                                                           2014-05-06 10



E-Junior’s To-Do List:


Ø  PP: short report with photos related to cultural +/or IG learning experience in RO (visits, Revolution Museum, personal encounters, cuisine, etc.).

Ø  FP: short report on IG learning experience through games (for ex., Scrabble®) played in English.