M3 Cube


Address: 19 Cité de Phalsbourg, 75011, Paris, FRANCE, Co-ordinator: Jean-Michel DAMIANTHE Tel: (office)

+0033 40 33 49 26 E-mail vj.damianthe@gmail.com





PARIS 17th – 21st October 2011



Project Title

”New Educational Journeys for Adults: Enhancing Family and Intergenerational Learning through Photography, Film and Animation”



Transnational Project Meeting Agenda

Date(s) of meeting – 17th – 21st October 2011

Place of meeting – Paris, France


Participants :

Partner institution 1 (coordinator and host) – M3 Cube, Paris, France

Mr. Jean-Michel DamiantheM3 Cube Teacher, Mr. Didier Chalaye – M3 Cube Teacher , Mr. Marc Konick – English Teacher


Partner institution 2 – Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, Lithuania

Mrs Rima Leimontiene – Co-ordinator, Mrs Rima Juozapavičienė – head of institution, Ms Eglė Kriukaitė – trainer, Mrs Ingrida Šlegerienė – learner, Mrs Rasa Čėsnienė - learner


Partner institution 3 – Kula  Education and  Youth Association, Turkey

Mr.Cem Özbay – Co-ordinator, Mr. Hakan Mutaf - Head of Institution, Mr. Şahan ÇÖKER – learner, Mrs. Seçil YILDIRIM ŞİMŞEK – learner, Ms. Berrin AYDIN - learner


Partner institution 4 – Pieksämäki Adult Education Centre, Finland

Ms. Helena Vuojakoski – Co-ordinator, Mr. Juha Kalliola - trainer


Partner institution 5 – British Film Institute, UK

Ms. Joanna van der Meer – co-ordinator, Mrs. Clio Whittaker – trainer, Ms. Dominika Widlak-Manka – trainer, Mrs. Christine James – learner, Mr. Freddie Tschepp – learner, Ms. Samantha Carter - learner


Partner institution 6 - PROFICIO, o.s., Czech Republic

Mrs. Lucie Waldrova – Co-ordinator, Mrs. Petra Vávrová - trainer


Partner institution 7 – Hellenic Commerce Development Centre, Greece

Mrs Zacharo Papdopoulou – Coordinator,  Mrs Maria Delistavrou - Project Assistant,  Mrs. Eleftheria Kotoudi – trainee, Mrs. Katerina Floran - trainee


Host Institution:

M3Cube Association


Contact Person


Address – M3Cube Association – 19 Cité du Phalsbourg – 75011 Paris

Contact details:

  • telephone (from outside France) +0033 40 33 49 26
  • e-mail       vj.damianthe@gmail.com



    • To Paris Airports by plane and then on to various hotels in Paris via public transport





When travelling in Paris with public transport, you will need a ticket which can be used for : metro (till the terminal station), buses, RER and trains within Paris 1st zones.

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The fares for this kind of ticket are as follows :

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Accommodation information: 

(where groups will be staying)









+370 698 46808

My Hotel in France le Marais,

2 bis rue Commines,

75003 Paris, France

Tel: 0033 1 40 29 01 33







Porte de Bagnolet


Tel:  00 33 1 43 60 26 46


Helena Vuojakoski


Hotel d’Espagne,

9Cite Bergère,

75009 Paris

Tel : 00 33 1 55 33 50 99


Joanna Van Der Meer

+44 7709155548

Hotel Amadeus

39 Rue Claude Tillier
75012 Paris, France
Tel: 00 33 1 43 48 53 48

Czech Republic

Lucie Waldrová


Hotel F1

(former Formula One)




Zacharo Papadopoulou

+30 6976402542

Best Western Bercy

Rive Gauche,

82-84 rue Regnault

75013 Paris,


Tel : 00 33 1 45 85 70 70



Meals throughout your visit:



will be taken at your hotel each day since the MDA (La Maison des Association) which is hosting us has no accommodation for breakfast.





On 18th and 19th (our training days at the MDA ) lunch will be proposed in the area.

The first day a small pizzeria in the surroundings – please reserve around 15€.

The second day sandwiches and drinks will be ordered (around 10).



Social activities


Tuesday 18th

*Tour Montparnasse - Another tower to see Paris from above. This building near the Montparnasse railway station offers a panoramic view over Paris.  Cost of a entrance ticket is : 11,50 € per person.

*Cost of a supper is of around 14 €.


Wednesday 19th

La Maison européenne de la photographie – please reserve 4 € per person (it would probably be less).

A supper in “Cafés de l’industrie” – you must reserve around 15€.



Thursday 20th

A walk around Paris is for free J We will show you in a few hours the most beautiful places in the French capital.

A lunch will be proposed in one of the Brasseries on our way (cost: around 15€).





Monday 17th October 2011





Arrival day

(optional – meet at Rambuteau Station at 19.40 in the centre of Paris, a walk around and a dinner at Flam‘s: a traditional Alsatian dish with many different toppings and all you can eat option, cost around 14€ http://www.flams.fr/  , credit cards accepted)

62 Rue Lombards, 75001 Paris




Tuesday 18th October 2011





Breakfast to be taken at hotel or any other arrangement


A welcome address and introduction


Coordinators’ reports and updates on activities in partner institutions since our last meeting in London (May 2011)

·         Websites updates

·         Results of Stop Motion Animation activities in institutions

·         Problems encountered

·         Special issues/special, dissemination events/


M3-CUBE Photo, Films, other artistic activities presentation


Workshop 1 : Digital photography (part 1)

Pixlr utilization. navigator freeware

Pixlr/Photoshop introduction

How to work your digital photos using layers (embellish your photos, animate them;  tips and pieces of advice when working with this type of software)and how to  print them at the proper size if needed for further animation.


Lunch Time


Workshop 1 : Digital photography (part 2)

Special effects

Work in groups and exercises


Workshop 2 : The role of sound in movie motion and pictures (part 1)

Sound  and special effects

Music and its role

Sound samples (their utilization, transformation and so on)

How to use sound with pictures/movies

Changing image expression with sound and music


Tour Montparnasse – looking at Paris from above (a panoramic view with a terrace)

Supper in surroundings


Wednesday 19th October 2011





Breakfast to be taken at hotel or any other arrangement


Workshop 2 (part 2)

Work in groups


Stop Motion Animation Films Presentation

Sharing the animation film learning experience and choice of the best films made during learning sessions in partner institutions

·         Learners’ presentations of 2-3 best animation films realized during classes in partner institutions

·         Choice of the best ones to be included in the project DVD


Lunch time


Workshop 3 : Working with traditional photography

·         Shooting

·         Lighting (the role of the light, how to play with it)

·         Depth of field, low angle shot

Work in groups + exercises


Partner discussion :

·         Discussing learning sessions

·         Discussing further project developments (dates of the meeting in the Czech Republic, organization of photography classes in  institutions, preparation of material for the final products)


La Maison européenne de la photographie – expositions des photographes artistes

Supper in the « Cafés de l’industrie »


Thursday 20th 2011



Breakfast to be taken at hotel or any other arrangement


A walk around Paris :

L’arc du Triomphe – a walk down the Champs –Elysées – Concorde – TuIleries – Louvre – The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris – blvd St Michel (a look at the Sorbonne and the Pantheon) – Jardin du Luxembourg with its free photo exposition

A lunch in a typical French brasserie on the way


For those who wish to see our activities in Paris, rendez-vous in the Mairie du 4ème

15.00-further on

Your free time in Paris