11-12th of September 2014



·         Welcoming

·         Partners’ presentations about their main achievements throughout the first year of the project:

1) M3Cube’s presentation (To SEND to Austrian partner (and to all partners indeed) the website and the programme of the International Games conference that I attended on the 16-th of June)

1) Turkish presentation (Young Democrats) of the main achievements during the first year of the project.

- presentation of games project to Kocaeli Directorate of National Education (with 15 attendants)

- a games workshop with 20 students from Izmit Technical and Vocational high school: ICT supported language teaching  activities and students were invited to share their opinions

-presentation of Games project and games related to Social sciences, FLL and Maths to 15 students

2) Austrian presentation. Kathrin

Examples of Games she introduces:

-          The Geese of Snakes and Ladders

-          Any board games played with dice

-          Memory (pictures/words) : find the word and its definition

-          Activity with verb cards: word’s explanation in pantomime

-          Puzzles: German-English vocabulary

-          Games-findings and recommendations  : the easier the game and the rules the better, don’t punish mistakes, everyone should be a winner

3) Turkish presentation of Nazili public School and evening craft school activities of the last year

-          Conducting workshops with their students (students’ age was between 20 and 67)

-          Presentation of the expected results

4) Spanish team’s Universidad of Almeria presentation of their main activities

-          Logo

-          On line paper

-          Spanish flyer

-          Workshops

-          GAMES: mime, taboo, picturious,

5) University of Third Age in the University of Wroclaw presentation, Jacek

-          Special English classes for students of the UTA

-          3 level groups: beginners, intermediaries, advanced

-          After each workshop participants filled in the evaluation forms and in the end they also conducted a Focus groups with learners and individual interviews with teachers

-          Showing some examples of games.


·         Evaluation of the first half of the project: Focus group

Presentation of what have been done so far:

-          3 partners meeting

-          2 newsletters

-          On line article

-          Social networks

Focus group conducted by Jacek. All partners had to answer 2 questions

1)      What are the strengths of the project? Meaningful, innovative,

2)      What are the weaknesses? People have to know ICT to use them in games. On-line games.

·         Discussion about Project: pending tasks set dates for upcoming meeting, questions


-          Workshops and classes – everyone, all the time

-          3rd meeting report – Oct 2014, Spain and Poland

-          3rd project’s newsletter – Oct 2014 Spain

-          Local seminars to promote project – March 2015 all partners

-          Good practices Guide – April 2015 Spain

-          A booklet with the views of the participants about the usage of audio visual method in language learning – April 2015, Turkey (NHEMvASO)

-          Collecting and sending materials for the Catalogue of Supportive Techniques and Competences in languages teaching – May 2015 all partners to sent to coordinator

-          Catalogue Common tools for investigation (excel sheet that Jacek showed us) this is the questionnaire about games that were conducted in the class – to be filled in by teachers (on peut le donner à Diana/Mark/Palden??) responsible partner – Austria in spring 2015.

-          Kathrin will send by the end of November the first data for the Electronic catalogue of Supportive Techniques in language learning.

-          Digital collection of games to improve entrepreneurship – May 2015 Austria

-          Final Conference – June 2015 all partners

-          Methodological files – June 2015, Poland

-          On-line final document – July 2015

-          Final report


Meetings: we can make 3 more meetings: Turkey, Austria, Poland

Not all the partners don’t have to come to the 3rd one

Next meeting in Afyo in January 2015 on the 13-14-15th

Then we will have a meeting in Austria on the 5th and 6th of May 2015

Final meeting in Poland in June- dates to decide

·         Lunch

·         Workshops presentations:

Workshop 1: Theoretical Assumptions – Mother tongue, Socialising, Own Identity

Workshop 2: Gaming Dice and Teaching English to Elderly (+ Rory’s Story Cubes)

Elderly students : aging (memory , attention decrease), motivation (giving up), adapting activities (being active and dynamic), learning process (evaluation, reinforcements)

Workshop 3 : Augmented reality books


·         City tour visit organized by Spanish team