3rdNewsletter- (GEM) inter-Generational European Memories

The second meeting of GEM partners took place on 12September 2013 in Nazilli (Turkey).

The delegates from the following countries participated at the meeting: Austria, France, Poland, Spain and Turkey. The delegate from Italy didn’t take part in the meeting.During the meeting each partner presented its  results of the biographic workshop with seniors.  During the session, we discussed and agreed upon such topics as date of the next meeting,supplementary project documents, conduct of a biographical workshop about education and topics of articles for the   science publication.



The following tasks have been established by the  partners:

  20-21.03.2014 – thenext meeting in Rome

  20.10.2013 –  evaluation of second partner meeting, evaluation  and report (Turkey)

  01.10.2013 – third Newsletter: dissemination (Poland)

  01.10.2013 – documentation about methods of learning and experiences in learning  of seniors  (all partners)

  01.12.2013- to send an article about the conducted workshop (what did you do and what not and why?) to Aleksander in Poland (all partners)

  01. 12. 2013 – to finish workshop about education and send biographies to Aleksander in Poland  (France, Italy, Spain, Turkey)

  15.12.2013 – “Little memory books” (Poland)

  06.06.2014-  Meeting and the science conference in Wroclaw (the end of project)

to summarise our meeting, each aspect of the planned programme has been implemented. By the time of the next meeting, each partner  will  prepare article, documentation of methods and conduct the workshop about education.