Anne-Claire Delatouche                                                                  15 September 2014

M3 Cube


Consortium meeting GAMES - Almeria, Spain


The consortium meeting of GAMES was held in Almeria 11th-12th September 2014. I took part in this meeting as a “learner” from the M3Cube Association’s side as I have been involved in the workshop activity that took place in Paris. Taking part in this meeting was a great and profitable experience for me in many ways:

-Firstly, this meeting enabled me to have an overall point of view of the project and to see all the different results of the project and it also gave me some ideas for future European projects.

-Secondly, it was a great human experience which allowed me to see again some people that I’ve met in Paris during the workshop but also to have the ability to discuss and exchange with new great people that I wish I could meet again.

-Thirdly, discover Almeria and the Spanish culture was also amazing and an unforgettable experience.

-To conclude, this experience was, in the same time, very beneficial professionally and personally speaking.