2nd Consortium Meeting

Seville, 25-26 February 2013

Inter-Generational European Memories (GEM)

a)    Attendees




  • Aleksander KOBYLAREK
  • Aleksandra MARCINKIEWICZ
  • Krystina Otta




  • Hasan Y‹CE
  • Mustafa Celik
  • Mehmet Avci









  • Werner HUBER




  • Monique EPSTEIN
  • James Ronan





  • Sara Pellegri Formentini
  • Alessandra Espis
  • Eleonora Chianelli
  • Alessandro Capece
  • Alessandro Amato




b)   The meeting:

GEMís goal to gather memories of seniors takes a step forward. This time, the group from Italy could attend and share with the rest of the participants. In fact, Italy offered information about their project and how can be integrated into the main framework was discussed.

After presenting the objectives of the meeting, each partner had time to show their work, and the problems that arouse in their performance.

The accomplishment of the objectives aimed in the first meeting was also a key issue to be handled:

a)      A couple of logos were designed and one of them was chosen.

b)      A Facebook account for the project was opened and the newsletter and activities report were issued by the French and Polish partners.

c)      The website was already ready, and started working and to be updated by each partner.

d)      The Flyer was not ready though. Poland duly sent the text as planed but there was no ok from group to the final version. The design was accepted in the meeting and the French partner made the proposal of translating the text to local languages in order to make it more accessible and reachable to elders. Each partner will translate it and send it back to the University of Seville that will edit it in Italian, Turkish, Polish, French, English, and Spanish versions in *pdf as well as a total of1 000 copies will be printed and handed in for the next meeting.


e)      There was also a request to foster both the facebook profile as well as the webpage.

c)    ††††††† TO BE DONE

d)      The workshops will be finished before July 2013. A description of the course will be written

e)      A compilation of the memories will be uploaded to the web.

f)       As a final product, a book will be published. There was a need for discussing how-toís, especially because the word Ďscientificí led to some misunderstanding. The point agreed was that a somehow structured storytelling of the experiences could be also considered a scientific paper; so, each partner will have to submit a draft about their experience whatever the methodology or approach before September when a common format will be applied.

g)      About the wiki-platform, there were some issues that need to be discussed as well.

h)      A video of the meeting is being edited by the University of Sevilleís integrated staff, and will be shared with the partners and presented as part of the material of the project.

i)        The individual evaluations were made ad hoc while group evaluations shall be complied on the website.


1.      Meeting in Turkey:12-13th September.

2.      Meeting in Italy: March 2014. Dates to be agreed on.

3.      Meeting in Poland: June 2014. Dates to be agreed too.