GEM, 2nd Consortium meeting, Sevilla (Spain) 26th-27th of February 2013


The meeting was held at the University and the discussions have been recorded; the Spanish partner will make a short movie and put it on the website





I.       What have been done since the first meeting


They did workshops with the “School of Experiences” (people over 50) on Saturday morning (from 11.30am to 1pm). 3 classes by now with 14 people (only 5 were over 50). They explained differences between biography, autobiography and diaries. They asked seniors to tell about their experiences (feelings such as their first love, family etc.)., then seniors has to write it. They offered new way to express (video) but seniors rejected it mainly because they don’t know how to do it.


Workshops dedicated to autobiographies with 2 different methods: biographical essay (seniors stories) and biographical interviews (seniors interviewed by students). Topic: education (formal, non-formal and informal). Students will show how to create blogs to seniors.


Not started yet. What they can do: training courses & guidance AND/OR social researches.


During the first meeting, the polish partner made us play a game: a key-word came up and everyone has to tell about his experience related to this key-word. Austria made an online version of this game, available here:

Then they will make online workshops.


They are working on active ageing: ICTs and language courses. 18 people during their classes, 3 hours every Fridays during 11 weeks. Nazilli is famous for people living over 100 years old so there are some special institutions and they want to make workshops with these institutions. Project activities will be integrated in English courses after improvement from the learners.

II.    What we need to do!

We need to product between 3 and 5 stories (15 lines minimum): France committed itself to product stories about ICT.


-         Flyer: Translate the text of the flyer in our languages

-         Next meetings: 12 & 13th of September in Turkey (April 2014 in Italy & June 2014 in Poland)

-         Biographies will have to be online and accessible to everyone for the 13th of June

-         Spain is taking care of activity report & evaluation report of this meeting

-         Poland is taking care of the newsletter

-         Poland will send the general part of the intermediary report before the 15th of June

-         Each partner has to make the first draft of a scientific article for the next meeting

-         Each partner has to disseminate!

Regarding mobilities: France has accomplished two mobilities since the beginning of the project so we still have 10 mobilities to fulfill during 3 meetings.