Minutes of the Meeting in London, (30)-31 January 2012

  HAHAS Project


Present: Monique Epstein, Françoise Pettelat, Norma Raynes, Matthias Roos, Diana Smith

and Mark Konick who replaced Betty Abugheida


Meeting scheduled for Monday 14:00 changed by Norma to 9h30 Tuesday 31st January at the IBIS Hotel


1. Minutes previous meeting - Approved


2. Matters arising -


3. Certificates

Manchester Certificate - done

Mobility forms Manchester and London to be completed.

Website form - Matthias to send to partners.

French 1st meeting with Ganit, Matthias Norma to be resent

March 28 & 29, 2012 certificate to be given out in Paris at the end of gathering

General list all mobilities overview - to be completed.


4. French plans March 28 & 29, 2012

Monday dinner Flo restaurant 25-30

28th March Tuesday 10-10:15 MDA 11 (MDA is a Maison des Association).

Sandwiches hot food salads

Retro Dancing


29th March Wednesday MDA 4e 10:00 near l'Hotel de ville

Lunch: Rue de Rosiers restaurants

evening - Eiffel Tower or restaurant with music or Improfessionals show


7 people from UK - Norma staying at Agate Nation

6 people from Germany coming by train

6+people from France


To be sent:

Program as attachment

Swimming Pools

Travel tips

Giverny opening April 1st


5. Website

Discussion on past issues concerning the creation of the website.

Current issues include

-paying Bernt to complete the website - suggested 200€ each E-Seniors & InterGen, 800€ Gesundheit

-defining ownership of the website and domain name

-future use of the website

-maintenance and management of the website


6. Final Report July ending In English and French

Information to be gathered before Meeting in Paris on Thursday 29th 10:30 - 12:30


7. A postcard or product

Logo - Jackie from Eseniors to do a Smilin

Flyer inn English/francais/German

Design transparent laughing face on back

Print - Matthias to print in Germany

Translate : Laughter is the best medicine or another proverb


8. AOB

Laughter  Olympics 17th to 23rd of June 2012