Date(s) of meeting 27 th February -2nd March, 2012

Place of meeting – Nový Jičín, Czech Republic




Partner institution 1 (host) – PROFICIO, o. s.

4 persons – Mrs. Petra Vávrová, Mrs. Martina Paličková, Mr. Pavel Dobrý, Mrs. Pavlína Nitková

Partner institution 2 (coordinator)- Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, Lithuania

6 persons - Mrs. Rima Leimontienė, Mr. Aloyzas Balčiūnas, Mrs. Jolanta Naliveikienė, Mrs. Danutė

Olberkienė, Mrs. Nijolė Padorienė, Mrs. Alma Norvilienė

Partner institution 3 –British Film Institute, UK

1 person -Miss Joanna van der Meer (sick)

Partner institution 4– Kula Education and Youth Association, Turkey

12 persons- Mr. Cem Özbay, Mr. Hakan Mutaf, Mr. Ahmet Azman, Mr. Musa Pehlivan, Mr. Sabri Onaran,

Mr. Sedat Coşkun, Ms. Sultan Işik, Mr. Ali Dökmeci, Mr. Hüseyin Bora Benli, Mr. Selim Yilmaz, Ms.

Makbule Çevik, Ms. Fadime Gökkan

Partner institution 5 – Pieksämäki Adult Education Centre, Finland


Partner institution 6 - Association ”M Cube(M3)”

3 persons -Mr. Jean-Michel Damianthe, Mr. Didier Chalaye, Mr. Marc Konick

Partner institution 7 – Hellenic Commerce Development Centre, Greece

3 persons -Mrs. Zacharo Papadopoulou, Mrs. Tsaltampasi Apostolina, Mrs. Papadopoulou


Host Institution

PROFICIO, o. s. Nový Jičín, Czech Republic

Contact Person

Mrs. Petra Vávrová

Address : Máchova 30, Nový Jičín 74101, Czech Republic

Contact details:

telephone: 0042 0725 210 053

• e-mail:



Tuesday 28th February


10.00- 12.00       Welcoming reception with ( polyglot) mayor of city

Local TV station shooting

Visit of the city with guide and translator

12.00- 13.30       United lunch at restaurant Hotel Praha in the square


14.00 - 15.30      Workshop 1 - "Monitoring project development. Project Evaluation" (coordinators' reports)

15.:30 -16.00      Animations and photos

Why not to use Menu also on the DVD or a Check shape ?

Now the animations are in files (arranged by country in an alphabetical order).

Decision : It is ok as it is now, as the order of animations doesn't make any significant difference.

Animations have to be named in English. The UK and the Czech Republic animations are missing, still have to be uploaded.

Animations from France. Some of them were the same and have been deleted...

The part PHOTOS is also arranged by country.

The best photos on the topic "My Family Heritage/Heritage of Different Generations" have been chosen

Czech, Lithuania, Turkey should upload the photos

The UK - perhaps won't have any photos

France must add study circle program and photography program

16.00- 18.00       Workshop 2 - "Preparation of the final product of the project-

Compendium and DVD with animations and photos.

Discussing the draft version. Discussion on work plan for the further period of designing the product "


19.00 -23.00      

Dinner with traditional music : band Ruky na Dudy from Frenstŕt pod Radhostëm ,presents

traditional music of the  region Beskydy. It uses original instruments from different periods, and various styles of playing.



Wednesday : 10.00-12.00 : Workshop 2 - "Preparation of the final product of the project"


12.00 -13.30       Lunch time at restaurant Le Fleur

14.00 - 15.00      Workshop 3 - "Preparations for the meeting in Greece"

15.30 -17.00       International photography exhibition and evaluation of the photography course, results, discussion on the impact on learners

18.30- 23.00       United departure by taxi from Hotel ABACIA, for a dinner to restaurant Hotel

Salas http://www.hotel-salas.czl

KARAOKE SHOW at restaurant Salas after dinner


Thursday : 7.00 -9.00      Breakfast at Hotel Abacia

9.30       Our together departure for public transport

10.00     Our departure to Stramberk by bus

10.30 - 12.00      Visit the tower of the former castle, visit of brewery with tasting

12.00 - 13.30      Lunch at brewery

13.30 -15.00       Passing on the wallachian citizens with passport and Slibovitz

15.30 ~ 18.30     Freetime

18.30 -23.00       Departure from Hotel Abacia, by walk to Hotel Rustys in Novy Jiëin, for farewell dinner and Certificate Ceremony




Dates for the next meeting : 14th to 18th of may.


Make a farewell animation for the project.

On line satisfaction questionnaire to ( from Dorota) as soon as possible.

Make some more videos of the learners.