Address: Olympiou Diamanti 16, 546 25, Thessaloniki, Co-ordinator: Zacharo Papadopoulou Marda. Tel: (office)

0030 2310 566282, -3   Mob: 0030 6976 402542    E-mail thessaloniki@kaele.gr




”New Educational Journeys for Adults: Enhancing Family and Intergenerational Learning through Photography, Film and Animation”





19th April 2012



Transnational Project Meeting Agenda

Date(s) of meeting – 14th – 18th May 2012

Place of meeting – Thessaloniki, Greece



Partner institution 1 (host) – Hellenic Commerce Developmente Centre (K.A.EL.E.), Thessaloniki, Greece

Mrs Zacharo Papadopoulou – Coordinator, Mr Nikos Fotiadis – Project Assistant, Mrs Mary Delistavrou – Project Assistant


Partner institution 2 (coordinator)– Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre

2 persons - Mrs Rima Leimontiene– Co-ordinator,  Mrs. Rima  Juozapavičienė - Head of Institute


Partner institution 3 – Kula  Education and  Youth Association, Turkey

2 persons - Mr. Atakan Bulut – Teacher,  Mr.  Salim Tosun - Learner


Partner institution 4 – Pieksämäki Adult Education Centre, Finland

2 persons - Ms. Helena Vuojakoski – Co-ordinator, Paivi Majoinen - Head of Institute


Partner institution 5 – E-Seniors, France

3 persons – Mr. Jean Michel Damianthe –Teacher, Didier Chalaye – Teacher, Sabine Rioux - Learner


Partner institution 6 - PROFICIO, o.s., Czech Republic

2 persons - Mrs. Petra Vávrová – Co-ordinator, Ms Nikola Blažková - Learner


Partner institution 7 – British Film Institute, U.K.

3 persons – Miss Joanna van der Meer – BFI Family Learning Practitioner, Frederic Tschepp – Project Assistant, Rachel Moilliet –Project Learner



Day and Date




14th May


8.00 a.m.


Arrival day

Dinner at Mangio Rest.

( meeting point: Astoria Hotel at 7.30 p.m. )



15th May



10.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.









11.30 a.m.-12.00 p..m.


12.00 p.m.– 2.00 p.m.




2.15 p.m. –4.15 p.m.


4.30 p.m.-

6.00 p.m.








Breakfast to be taken at your hotel


Opening of the meeting at K.A.EË.E – welcome to Ôhessaloniki

Project meeting: Monitoring project develompment

  • Compendiums DVD – presentation of final draft
  • Animations / Photos DVD – presentation of final draft
  • Problems encountered – problems solving


Coffee / refreshments – chance to meet partners socially


  • Continue with the preparation of the summery of project‘s results and part of the final report



Lunch at .ES Rest.



  • Continue with editing the summery of projects results


Please note: coffee / refreshments available throughout afternoon



The evening is totally free for a relax meeting with…..the market of the city and general outsourcing



16th May



9.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m


1.30 p.m.- 3.00 p.m


6.30 p.m.- 8.30 p.m






9.00 p.m. –


Breakfast at your hotel


Thessaloniki sight seeing (Optional)



Lunch at ÆÕÈÏÓ Rest. (Optional)



Project‘s conclusion ceremony, at Thessalonikis Cinema museum.  Formal presentation of project‘s results. Certificates giving to Greek learners as well as to international partners for their participation in the Greek workshop.

(Meeting point: Astoria Hotel, at 5.45 p.m.)


Dinner (music night by the seaside)  at Hamodrakas Rest, Plaz Arechou


17th May




8.00 a.m.- 11.00 a.m.



11.00 a.m. –

6.00 p.m.






9.00 p.m.

Final day

Breakfast at your hotel


Trip to Vergina, visit to kings Philipos II (father of Alexander the Grate) tombs, as well as to the local museum


Trip to Meteora Kalampaka, reception offered by the Mayor of the city of Trikala, Mr. Christos Lappas and the Deputy Mayor for Education, Culture and Sport, Ms Vasiliki Kakla, at the City Hall and lunch offered by the Mayor of the city at the Castle. Visit to the monasteries


Arrival at Thessaloniki, free night




18th May


Departure day



Homework for the meeting



  • Coordinators/heads of institutions from each partner institution are requested to prepare a brief presentation called - Where we are up to now… (educational activities? final report?   Etc.) (10 minutes max) describing recent activities at the welcoming / beginning session – if you have any film/media/powerpoint presentation to show please inform Hara as soon as possible so all

the details can be passed to the projectionist/technician .


  • Preparation of a formal summery report for the project. Discussion on the questionnaire you’ll find attached.   You have to complete the attached document / questionnaire, giving brief answers in English about the way you’ve implemented –as national partner- project’s activities.  Your answers will be used for the preparation of the common report (Part A), thus must be sent to Rima by the 7th of May. During our meeting in Thessaloniki these documents will be used for the editing of the project’s summery.


  • We will be welcoming new participants – suggest a way that we can make them feel part of the project – send your suggestions to Hara – we will be using these as an activity… 



Host Institution

Hellenic Commerce Development Centre (K.A.EL.E.),

Thessaloniki, Greece

Contact Person

Mrs Zacharo Papadopoulou

Address: Olympiou Diamanti 16, 546 25 Thessaloniki, Greece

Contact details:

§  Telephone: 0030 2310 566282, -3

§  Mobile :      0030 6976 402542

§  email:         thessaloniki@kaele.gr






The position of K.A.EL.E. and Hotel Astoria are marked with the yellow pins.




To Macedonia Airport (Thessaloniki) by plane


Arriving at the Airport: You have to approach Astoria Hotel either by taxi, or bus. Taxi for the center of the city costs approximately 20-25€ (depending on your luggage and traffic conditions. The bus stop is outside arrivals, and the trip costs 1,00€. This is bus no78. You can have your ticket on the bus-please have a 1,00€ coin available. The bus will take you immediately in the city centre within 30min., and you take off at Aristotelous Sq. bus-station. There is a 300m. walking distance to the Hotel or take another bus (no 3, no 12 or no 39) from Aristotelous Sq bus-station and take off to bus-station Diikitika Dikastiria.




Where groups will be staying, contact details etc.


Astoria Hotel, Tsimiski & 9 SalaminosThessaloniki 54626 , Greece                   













Petra Vavrova

Nikola Blazkova


+420725210 053




Jean-Michel Damiante

Chalaye Didier

Rioux Sabine









Rima Leimontiene

Rima Juozapaviciene







Atakan Bulut

Salim Tosun







Helena Vuojakoski

Paivi Majoinen








Joanne Van derMeer

Rachel Moilliet

Frederic Tschepp





Cost details for meals 

Estimated total cost per person for the programmed meals, from 60 tï70€. (The cost difference depends on the cost of the selected drinks).



will be taken at your hotel each day.


Welcoming dinner on Monday at Mangio’s (OPTIONAL!)


The price for the dinner will be 15€. The price includes first and main dish (grilled red meat & chicken), dessert and one glass of wine/beer or ouzo per person. Any extra beverages will be paid separately.  


Lunch on Tuesday at .ES’s

The price for the lunch will be 10€. The price includes first, main dish (grilled red meat & chicken – fish - pasta), and dessert. The selection of menu will be upon catalogue at that time.  Beverages will be paid separately.  


Lunch on Wednesday at ÆÕÈÏÓ (OPTIONAL!)

The price for the lunch will be 10€. The price includes first, main dish and dessert. The selection of menu will be upon catalogue at that time.  Âeverages will be paid separately (refreshments about 1,80per bottle, beers about 2and a glass of wine about 3,60€).  


Dinner on Wednesday at Hamodrakas (Greek Ìusic night by the seaside)

The price for the lunch will be 14€. The price includes first, main dish (fish or meat) and dessert. The selection of menu will be upon catalogue at that time.  As for the beverages,  in this price is included 1 lt of table wine (red or white) and 1 bottle of water for every four persons. Any extra beverages will be paid separately.  

The cost for the music band is 150 . Estimated no. of  participants from project partners: 25 persons, thus estimated cost per person: 6€



Coffee breaks on Tuesday as well as  refreshments and snaks  will be provided by the Ê.Á.ÅË.Å..




You pay at the end of each lunch/dinner directly per group. You may pay using an accepted credit card (Visa, Mastercard). There is a bank very close to your Hotel, where you may withdraw money if you do prefer to settle in cash.  



Cost details for social activities

Estimated total cost per person for the programmed activities, from 60 tï70. (The cost differences depends on the total no. of participants ).



Wednesday 16th Ancient &  Byzantine Thessaloniki sight seeing  (OPTIONAL)

We can use the public transport which is somehow tiring, but it costs only 2 €/ person.

Entrance to the museum: 6per person. 

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki





We are joining the project team for Thessaloniki sight seeing ?:        YES             NO

(How many? :    )

We are joining the project team for the meal at ÆÕÈÏÓ         ?:        YES             NO

(How many? :    )




Wednesday 16th Ceremony at Cinema Museum (THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL!)  

Rental cost of the ceremony hall: 150+23% VAT, divided to participants from the partner’s institutes. Estimated no. of  participants from project partners: 20, thus estimated cost per person: 9


Thursday 17th – Trip to VERGINA & METEORA (THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL!) 

Reception offered by the Mayor of the city of Trikala at the City Hall, and Lunch offered by the Mayor at Trikala. At Meteora will have a special conducted tour to the monastery of Megisti by monks. The trip to Trikala as well as to Meteora of Kalampaka is organized completely by K.A.EL.E’s Department at Trikala.

Meteora   http://www.kalampaka.com/en/meteora/monasteries.asp

Traveling cost: 500€+13%VAT for the bus, divided to participants.  Estimated no. of participants 15-20, thus estimated cost per person: 37- 28€.

Entrance to the museum: 6€ per person. Én case you need a guide there is an additional cost 5 – 6   

Building for the protection of the royal tombs of Vergina http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/1/eh151.jsp?obj_id=3297





You may pay per group but payment will have to be by cash – invoices will be prepared







Getting Around:


Thessaloniki is a safe city. No special consideration should be taken. The city is alive. Restaurants are open until late evening, so are bars, cafes, dancing floors and entertainment sets, are available until after midnight. Shops are open 9-21 in most cases.






Prepare to walk!

Please do make sure that you bring suitable footware to be able to walk comfortably for about 40 mins at METEORA.   



Also – although the weather is glorious here, be prepared for rain!  So bring an umbrella if you wish and something to wear should it be wet.  Also, do bring some warm clothes as the weather maybe changeable.