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”New Educational Journeys for Adults: Enhancing Family and Intergenerational Learning through Photography, Film and Animation”




MEETING MINUTES                    




Thessaloniki, Greece   May 14-18, 2012


Host institutionHellenic Commerce Development Centre, Thessaloniki




Partner institution 1 (host) – Hellenic Commerce Developmente Centre (K.A.EL.E.), Thessaloniki, Greece

Mrs Zacharo Papadopoulou – Coordinator, Mr Nikos Fotiadis – Project Assistant, Mrs Mary Delistavrou – Project Assistant


Partner institution 2 (coordinator)– Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre

2 persons - Mrs Rima Leimontiene– Co-ordinator,  Mrs. Rima  Juozapavičienė - Head of Institute


Partner institution 3 – Kula  Education and  Youth Association, Turkey

2 persons - Mr. Atakan Bulut – Teacher,  Mr.  Salim Tosun - Learner


Partner institution 4 – Pieksämäki Adult Education Centre, Finland

2 persons - Ms. Helena Vuojakoski – Co-ordinator, Paivi Majoinen - Head of Institute


Partner institution 5 – E-Seniors, France

3 persons – Mr. Jean Michel Damianthe –Teacher, Didier Chalaye – Teacher, Sabine Rioux - Learner


Partner institution 6 - PROFICIO, o.s., Czech Republic

2 persons - Mrs. Petra Vávrová – Co-ordinator, Ms Nikola Blažková - Learner


Partner institution 7 – British Film Institute, U.K.

3 persons – Miss Joanna van der Meer – BFI Family Learning Practitioner, Frederic Tschepp – Project Assistant, Rachel Moilliet –Project Learner



Day and Date




14th May


8.00 a.m.


Arrival day

Dinner at Mangio Rest.

( meeting point: Astoria Hotel at 7.30 p.m. )



15th May



8.30 a.m -9.30 a.m.


10.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.









11.30 a.m.-12.00 p..m.


12.00 p.m.– 2.00 p.m.




2.15 p.m. –4.15 p.m.


4.30 p.m.-

6.00 p.m.








Breakfast to be taken at your hotel


Welcome reception on behalf of Thessalonikis business community at the Ceremony Hall of Industrial & Trader‘s Chamber of Thessaloniki

Opening of the meeting at K.A.EË.E – welcome to Ôhessaloniki

Project meeting: Monitoring project develompment

  • Compendiums DVD – presentation of final draft
  • Animations / Photos DVD – presentation of final draft
  • Problems encountered – problems solving


Coffee / refreshments – chance to meet partners socially


  • Continue with the preparation of the summery of project‘s results and part of the final report



Lunch at .ES Rest.



  • Continue with editing the summery of projects results


Please note: coffee / refreshments available throughout afternoon



The evening is totally free for a relax meeting with…..the market of the city and general outsourcing



16th May



8.30 a.m -9.30 a.m.



10.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m


1.30 p.m.- 3.00 p.m


6.30 p.m.- 8.30 p.m






9.00 p.m. –


Breakfast at your hotel


Welcome reception on behalf of Thessalonikis business community at the Ceremony Hall of Professional’s Chamber of Thessaloniki


Opening of the meeting at K.A.EË.E – welcome to Ôhessaloniki


Thessaloniki sight seeing (Optional)



Lunch at ÆÕÈÏÓ Rest. (Optional)



Project‘s conclusion ceremony, at Thessalonikis Cinema museum.  Formal presentation of project‘s results. Certificates giving to Greek learners as well as to international partners for their participation in the Greek workshop.

(Meeting point: Astoria Hotel, at 5.45 p.m.)


Dinner (music night by the seaside)  at Hamodrakas Rest, Plaz Arechou



17th May




8.00 a.m.- 11.00 a.m.



1.00 p.m. –

6.00 p.m.






9.00 p.m.

Final day

Breakfast at your hotel


Trip to Vergina, visit to kings Philipos II (father of Alexander the Grate) tombs, as well as to the local museum


Trip to Meteora Kalampaka, reception offered by the Mayor of the city of Trikala, Mr. Christos Lappas and the Deputy Mayor for Education, Culture and Sport, Ms Vasiliki Kakla, at the City Hall and lunch offered by the Mayor of the city at the Castle. Visit to the monasteries


Arrival at Thessaloniki, free night




18th May


Departure day





  1. Monitoring project development


Coordinators from Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Greece, the UK and France and representatives from Turkey shared their  reports  on the activities and dissemination events in their institutions since last meeting in Novy Jicin. The partners have agreed that

  • the institution from the UK implemented the last stage of animation  activities for the intergenerational groups;
  • the institutions from the Czech Republic and France have prepared the final questionnaire for learners and partners are supposed to apply this questionnaire to their leraners until the 15th June (except the partner from the Czech Republic which has already carried out this activity). The institutions from the Czech Republic and France are responsible for the presentation of the common results of the questionnaire  on the project website by the end of the project; 
  • the partner institutions will focus on the dissemination activities after this meeting. The various forms of dissemination of project results should be considered.



  1. Discussion on  the final draft of  product of the project- Compendium and DVD with animations and photos by learners


The partners discussed on the final product of the project  - a DVD Compendium and a DVD Animations and photos prepared by the partner institution from Finland. They have decided on the following:

  • to make an amendment such as  transferring pdf files to video files   in order it would be easier to open the files on the DVDs;
  • Pieksamaki Education Centre, Finland should make the amendments to the final draft of the product and  send the set of DVDs to the partners by the 15th June.



  1. Preparation of the draft version of part A of  the final report

The partners discussed on and prepared the draft version of part A of  the final report. It was decided that

  • the  draft version of part A of  the final report  should be reviewed once more by each partner after the meeting in order to have this part of the final report ready by the 31st July.