“Teachnet” Seminar - Krakow


On March 2010, in Regional Public Library in Krakσw there were held two events:

At meetings there were also described the objectives and the content of the "TeachNET” Project, the Grundtvig EU-Programme as well as the workshops on psychology were carried out. In an accessible and interesting way the psychoneurology of the human being were presented with emphasis on the ways of improving the psychological functions, necessity of rational thinking in a difficult situation and the advantages of creative approach to life and enhanced self-esteem .

The possibilities were shown how to accomplish the mission of library through project-type activities (at national and international level), developing the voluntary activities in local communities and application of new ICT-based methods by librarians at work.

More than sixty senior citizens and ca. seventy librarians from the whole Malopolska Viovodship (Region) attended the describes above meetings.

Both events were carried out in the framework of the international "TeachNET” Project .

Here is the agenda (to downnload)

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