3Third Meeting in EDIRNE (17/09/12-20/09/12)



Participants : Turkey3 persons, Italy 2 persons, France 3 persons, Spain 8 persons, Austria 4 persons, Portugual 6 persons




            1)Edirne Opening Speech Welcome speech by the turkish partner (Director Education and staff of the school and of the city).

Short presentation of turkish project and of all the participants.

Presentation of the place EDIRNE


2)                Summary of the workings done up to now  about the project :


GPS presentation by turkish partner


Italy made courses in June (14 participants) walking around with google maps and google earth.All the students agree this courses in cooperation with the municipality.


Portugual : Working group with utilisation of google map, wikipedia, google translation, walking in the old city.


France : Presentation of the power point


Spain : Training in 2 sessions intermediare computer courses and advanced computer courses.all the results and statistics are on the web site..Utilisation of google street view, googlegoogles and google maps.


Austria 10 students, Sessions of 3 days inside  and outside with geocaching. Planified courses in differents cities .


3)                :  City tour





1)                Visit of the hight school Tourism and hospitality of Edirne.


2)                 Exercices of outdoor activities : geocaching and GPS utilisation in the suburb of Edirne


3)                Evaluation and certificates : all the supports must be sent to Alessia and placed on Facebook page : (FP  sends the  power point)


4)                Next meeting 26 to 29 November (arrival 26/11 departure 29/11 in MALAGA. Hotels ETAP or IBIS. Spain gives information in one month.
For the meeting all the partner must to bring IPAD, IPHONE, Tablet...

5)                Next steps :

-all materials used can be put in the web site : (FP sends the tutorials Google map to Jesus)


-each organisation  organize his activities until June 2013 but she must keep feed back with some comments of the students and the participants.


-Project WEBSITE is OK.Spain proposes to make a book with statistics ...we speak inMalaga about the pages of this book and the pages of content. Each partner must make comments questionnary and results...


- There is a problems for have many students for this courses in Austria, France,

No problem in Italy, Portugual, Turkey, Spain (there are university ou schools).


All partipants have planning this new courses in their activities.


For the last meeting it is difficult to have 2 places Austria and Italy because the national agency is not OK. This point will be discuss in Malaga.