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Minutes from the International Workshops and Consortium Meeting Koszalin (Poland)


                                                         18/06/2014 – 20/06/2014


Image: Participants of the MoTech Workshop in Koszalin




Marialena Christodoulidou


Françoise Pettelat

Denis Massard


Rita Smilingiene

Violeta Mozdzer


Sven Jarvi

Mi Mollberg


Bilal Yavas

Mevlut Yildirim


Anna Walkowiak

Urszula Rusiak

Mariola Rink-Przybylska

Katarzyna Sobańska



 1st  Workshop and Meeting day (18/06/2014)



·         Presentation of participants, getting to know the new members of the group

·          Reviewing the meeting agenda together

·         Presentation of the host institution Centrum Edukacji Nauczycieli  in Koszalin



Visit in primary and lower-secondary school   Zespół Szkół Nr 11


    The participants visited the school “Zespol Szkol Nr 11 in  Koszalin”. They observed parts of three lessons: English, Maths and Chemistry  during which the students and their teachers were working with ICT tools (computers and  interactive whiteboards).



     Presentation of Corpus Christi ceremony


    Corpus Christi, one of the most important catholic ceremonies became the main keynote of the meeting ( the workshop took place in the period of this event). The presentation related to Corpus Christi was held by  Alicja Lorenz, the Religious Education teacher trainer who told the story of this event and explained its role in the catholic church.  Thanks to it the members of the workshop were better prepared to the procession they participated in during the second day of the meeting.



Image: Participants of the MoTech Workshop in Koszalin





The second presentation of the day was held by Urszula Rusiak.  The objective of the workshop is to teach the trainers and the teachers to work with electronic encyclopedias that could be used in their lessons.  The theme of this workshop was “How to use the Wikipedia encyclopedia for educational purposes”. Urszula Rusiak presented this tool and  its features (neutral point of view,  verifiability, no original  research,). She also informed the members of the workshop about the laws related to copyrights and the way of creating a new Wikipedia entry in  respect of the correct style.



2nd Meeting Day (19/06/2014)


Corpus Christi procession

The members of the workshop participated in Corpus Christi procession in order to collect necessary documents ( photos) for their Wikipedia entries. They also could get to know  how in Poland this event is celebrated : they saw colorful processions where the sacrament was carried throughout the city and  small-town streets decorated with flowers and greenery.




Image: Participants of the MoTech Workshop in Koszalin





    The second part of the workshop “How to use the Wikipedia encyclopedia for educational purposes” was held by Urszula Rusiak and Mariola Rink- Przybylska. The participants were taught how to test a new entry and how to travel through hypertext.  They also created a new entry in Wikipedia about traditional religious events in the Motech partners` countries.  Finally, some examples of the use of the encyclopedia for educational purposes were given and widely discussed.




Image: Participants of the MoTech Workshop in Koszalin



In the end of the 2nd meeting day:

The participants evaluated the workshop as well as the multilateral meeting outcomes. This was done with an evaluation form thanks to the platform The Polish partner will be responsible for sharing the results with all MoTech-partners.



3rd Meeting Day  and Cultural Visits (20/06/2014)


Coordinators meeting


Some important topics  were discussed during the meeting:

-the date of the next meeting in Sweden was established,

-the decision was taken that the final conference will take place in Turkey and not in Lithuania.




The head of Centrum Edukacji Nauczycieli in Koszalin, Stefan Turowski gave for all meeting participants their certificates for their workshop and consortium meeting participating.



Image: Participants of the MoTech Workshop in Koszalin


Cultural Visits


The MoTech Partners visied the city center of  Koszalin. They were guided by Katarzyna Sobańska who presented shortly  the story of the city. They  also went to Darłowo where they visited the castle.


Image: Participants of the MoTech Workshop in Koszalin