MoTech – Grundtvig: Strategic Partnership Project


Minutes from the International Workshops and Consortium Meeting Paris (France)

25/03/2014 – 28/03/2014


Workshop and Multilateral meeting participants:

Lithuania: Plungės suaugusiųjų švietimo centras

1.   Rita Smilingienė (Projet coordinator)

2.   Laima Galvanauskienė

3.   Mantas Smilingis

Poland: Centurm Edukacji Nauczycieli w Koszalinie

4.   Urszula Rusiak

5.   Anna Walkowiak

Cyprus: European University Cyprus / Ministry of Interior/lifelong learning division

6.   Dimitrios Vlachopoulos

7.   George Tsokkas

Sweden: Östra Grevie Folkhögskola

8.   Sven Jarvi

9.   Elli Lazarevska

10.               Gordana Bojcevska

Turkey: Dost Eli Derneği

11.               Mevlut Yıldırım

12.               S. Barbaros Yalçın

13.               Bilal Özel

France: Institut E-Seniors

14.               Françoise Pettelat (Host)

15.               Mona Komulainen (Host)

(+ 16. Anaïs Fernandez for the coordinators’ meeting)


1st Workshop and Meeting day (26/03/2014)



·        Presentation of participants, getting to know the new members of the group

·        Reviewing the meeting agenda together


1st International Workshop: “Creating surveys for educational purposes”

This workshop was held by the Cypriot team (Dimitrios Vlachopoulos) and the participants were trainers and educators that work for in the project partner organisations.  The objective of the workshop is to teach the trainers and the teachers to use new useful ICT-tools that could be used in their lessons.

The theme of this very first international workshop was “Creation of surveys for education”. The software that was used for the workshop is on a website called and this service is free of charge.

During this workshop, the participants learnt all the basic functionalities of the service: how to create a user profile, then how to create a online document,...

Image: Example of the survey window


Image: Survey created by a workshop learner






2nd Workshop and Meeting day (27/03/2014)


A. 2nd International Workshop: “Creating a blog for educational purposes”


As an introduction, the general idea of blogs and the different most used blog sites were presented. After this introduction part, all the workshop participants had a mission to create their own blog in order to understand the principle and the different functions that the blog can provide them.



Image: Participants of the 1st International MoTech Workshop


B. Local Activities - what has been done in the different countries?


1. Turkey:

30 volunteers trained to use ICT-tools in their voluntary works. This trainng last for 3 weeks. Also, the partner has work for the project website, Facebook page and mailing group.


2. Poland:

Teachers invited to take in the project in the region, after each multilateral project meeting a workshop will be organized for these teachers. Some e-learning courses was done with 20 participants per course in total there was 120 participants. Also, two workshops have been done notably related to ICT-tools in language learning. The project schedule is respected.


3. Cyprus

Three different seminars (workshops) with around 90 participants in total.


4. Sweden:

A group was formed with interested people. In this school there are high skills in the ICT tools. However, some colleagues have still low knowledge in ICT-skills and this is the local group of MoTech project. And several ICT workshops will be organized for this group. Furthermore, the project partners try to encourage their teachers to use more ICT-tools, such as Powerpoint presentations, in their lessons.


5. France

Age Engage workshops were organized together with Google employees in their headquarter in Paris. The aim of these workshops is to invite the association’s voluntary ICT-trainers to exchange with Google employees in order to test the usability of Google devices and learn how to use the different applications (notably Google maps, Picasa, Hangouts...). Then, the association’s trainers will teach these acquired skills to their learners in the ICT-courses.


6. Lithuania

The first local activities are basic ICT-courses for the local teachers. The first workshops lasted in total for 20 hours in order to acquire new skills. In April, a seminar “Use of Social networks for education” will be organized. Teachers from schools are invited that the seminar will be free of charge.


About the newsletter related to the local activities

Coordinator asks all the partners to send the local activities for Rita (coordination), Mona and Françoise (newsletter), and for the website. >> All this information will be used for the first project newsletter. The Swedish team will do the layout of the newsletter that will be then uploaded in the website. This should be ready before the meeting in Poland, the dead line is end of May.



C. Coordinators meeting


What has not been done in satisfying way?

1) The discussion board, a tool for communication, is impossible with this service. However, the consortium has already a Facebook group that is closed – so this service could be used for the discussion purpose. In Poland, a small workshop should organized so that all partners could use and discuss in the platform.


2) Yahoo group does not send easily the attached documents. The solution is that the original (first) mail where the attached will be.

>> Turkey is responsible for Facebook and Yahoo group. All those who are not invited in one of these groups should contact the Turkish team.


3) Next meeting in Poland: from the 17th until 20th of June (the arrival on the 17th of June). The last day will be half day so the persons can leave in the afternoon as the activities are voluntary. The management meeting will be on the 20th in the morning.


4) Meeting in Sweden: in October from the 13th until 15th (the arrival on the 12th). The meeting place is in Malmö.


5) Translated International MoTech Workshop material: Every partner creates a blog or can use their organisation website in their native language in order to upload the translated workshop material that was used in the international MoTech Workshops. 


6) Manual of experiences: each partner will contribute with at least 2 examples that should be send for the Swedish partner who are responsible for this task.


7) Dissemination activities: very useful for the project (articles in the newspapers, Facebook activities...). Let’s keep


8) In all the countries, the partners will organize local workshops that are based on the international MoTech workshops or their themes. These local workshops will be described in the manual of educational experiences that is produced in the project.


3rd Meeting Day and Cultural Visits (28/03/2014)


A. Visit in “Centre Suzanne Masson”


The MoTech Partners visited a local adult education centre that gives professional education for disabled adults who cannot continue to pursue their career in the same field due to a physical or mental handicap. This vocational education centre is specialized in teaching in the field of ICT, computer science and tele-advice services.


Institute E-Seniors collaborate on a regular basis with this centre offering internships within the association for their adult students, and even hiring new ICT-trainers for the ICT-lessons. An ITC-trainer from E-Seniors, who has studied in this organisation, accompanied the partners during the visit.


Images: Projet Partners visiting “Centre Suzanne Masson”


B. Paris by Boat


In order to finish the Consortium meeting in a happy and relaxed atmosphere, the partners had a sightsee-visit on the Seine River.

Images: MoTech Partners visiting Paris by boat