NACODEAL´s main objective is to generate a portable device in which an Augmented Reality module will be integrated and will create friendly guides, so that its users will be capable of performing their daily activities and access to online services that are relevant for them.







-Starting Date: October 2011

-Duration: 30 months

- NACODEAL is a project co-funded by AAL Joint Programme, Call 3 2010

- Placing on the market: 2014




The facilities offered by modern technology are many, however, elderly people is often unable to enjoy them fully. This phenomenon is due to factors such as lack of familiarity, the large amount of information available, coupled with natural problems that come with the advanced ages like senility and memory loss. The NACODEAL project aims to offer better autonomy and life quality during their daily activities, taking advantage of state-of-art technology.









Special designed Elder User Interface & AugMENTED REALITY


After thoughtful research performed in France and Italy, involving experts in the field, interviewing caretakers and volunteers, it was possible to determine aspects like the needed features, appearance, usability and positive and negative impacts in the user life that the device, which will be a tablet, may bring to their life.


NACODEAL within its system integrates the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) which, through a portable mini-projector lets you reproduce - on the walls of the elderly house or in the residential facility that host them - images and information that normally human perception is not able to understand.









The AAL JP is a funding activity that aims to create better condition of life for the older adults and to strengthen the industrial opportunities in Europe through the use of information and communication technology (ICT). It carries out its mandate through the funding of across-national projects (at least three countries involved) that involves small and medium enterprises (SME), research bodies and user’s organizations (representing the older adults)











The NACODEAL project is carried out by a consortium of 5 partners from 3 different AAL Partner States (Spain, Italy and France).


NACODEAL involves:

·         A Research Centre  (ITCL, Spain) that leads the consortium, taking on the management and coordination responsibilities as well as the diffusion of the results of the project.

·         An Industrial Partner  (IBERNEX, Spain) that will market the solution achieved as a result of the project, taking on its industrial exploitation and its wide experience in development and manufacturing of complete solutions (both HW and SW) on the basis of the application of new technologies and innovation.

·         An SME Partner (IMAXDI, Spain) provides its expertise on innovative ICT solutions for e-business, and e-Health in within the research tasks of the project.

·         Two end-users (COOSS Marche, Italy and ESENIORS, France) that carry out the analysis of the accessibility, the work related to the acceptance and usability of the solution from the end-users point of view, the definition of the services provided by the platform, the description of the technical realization of the services and the testing and validation of all system features in real scenarios (with real users) to verify the correct functioning of the device.




     Coordinator, Maite Cobo - -


Javier Osuna - -


 Francesca Scocchera - -

                             Luca Bordoni -


 Antonio Remartinez - -


 Monique Epstein - -

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