ICE 02



Évora, 4th-7th February 2013


Accordingly to the defined agenda, in the first day of the meeting (5th February) practical activities were made in the outside. One day challenge was made by all the participants, divided in 4 small groups. This activity was made in two parts. The first part was an orienting activity and the second part was an historical quiz.


On 6th February we met in a room borrowed by the municipality. The following topics were discussed:

-         Electronic booklet

-         Dissemination

-         Final report

-         Final Meeting in Austria - Villach 17 to 20th June

-         Evaluation

To fulfill the goals the following dates are to take into account:

-         1st of May – sending a small report with the most important activities for project made in the two year project.

-         12th May – sending the chapter for the ebook, taking into consideration original images and text references. This chapter should be sent in word and in PDF to Jesús

-         Until May – sending images and other documents for the website

-         Final report has to be delivered to the NA until 30th September


The partners updated their local activities and their dissemination system. The Austrian partners talked about the meeting in Villach and gave some travelling possibilities.

About the activity made in the previous day of the meeting we agreed to add coordinates to each point of the quiz; send maps and routes made to all partners; sending also the quiz.

For the chapter for the electronic booklet, follow the example that Jesús will send by e-mail. Consider the format, text size, chapters size, etc.