Teachnet meeting


October 2010


Tuesday 19/10/2010

Presentation  of achieved tasks  from different partners



     Short presentation what they have done since last summer meeting,

     A decision to publish a book which contain texts and photos,

     They have scanned photos (simple methods = press the button)

     Little more advanced group, long courses



     We have a blog, all presentations

     Mobile phones different in different countries, Germany not so common

     A lot of mobile phones, common to have even elderly people



     Cafe Anschluss, a meeting place every week

     Meeting every week, max. 50 person

     Don't want to use internet, fixed lines common,

     Mobile expensive, 29 eur/month plus

     A lot of prepaid cards, inexpensive within the provider, expensive go tover

     Students are teaching mobile, 16-19 years old, practicing for them

     Germany / Selb got money from european representative

     25 persons, by bus to the hotel, short round in the city, the second day and the third day visit to the european parliament, how it works, in the evening dinner, next day bavarian group, excellent trip




     Methods, should they be the same or not

     Cultural problems to use mobile, becaming  cheaper

     Maybe we could make a Skype course, one must be a chairman, perhaps video meeting is not possible (too many participants)




     Different methods in different countries,

     Changing  of methods between parties and countries recommended,

     Different applications in different countries

     Methods always written in english, local applications always using local language

     For example Poland: the book is in polish, in Germany in German

     Trust: elderly people don't trust internet, they want stamps, paper bills etc.

     Many people, even not retired, are outside internet, someone has decided even not to become familiar with internet, computers and mobile phones

     Wide differences between european coutries in these areas

     Advanced people can teach people with no skills or  people with basic skills (mobile phones, computers, internet)



Wednesday 20.10.2010

Meeting in Medem, Paris

Present: Michaela H, Maria J.,  X, Pirkko Saavalainen, Marja-Liisa Toivanen, Jussi Saavalainen, Matti Tossavainen, Jean-Michelle, Francoise Pettelat


Discussion Items: Final report

- MH everyone write a short list, not separate reports

- MJ MH writes first draft

- ToDos: MH deadline 31.12.2010 (a proposal)

- everyone writes what they have done (french lines) with explanations


- own goals respect to project goals

- how environment effects to goals (?)

- computers for well being of olderly people should be one targets


A problem:

- ground computing vs. cloud computing - older people has (partly) accustomed to use PC now they have to learn cloud computing

- cloud computing is coming: there are several free tools

- prices of internet connection may be high in some countries preventing cloud computing of elderly people


- we should propose to older people how to use internet, what it contains what are possibilities of internet etc.

- we cannot decide what they should do with internet: we have to open their eyes


- opportunities of internet are wide: songs with written text, a group of older persons singing together



Next  meeting in Krakow 27  - 28  -29 morning of April 2011