Paris, France, October 17-21, 2011


Host institutionAssociation ”M Cube”



Partner institution 1 (host) – Association ”M Cube(M3)”

3 persons -Mr. Jean-Michel Damianthe, Mr. Didier Chalaye, Mr. Marc Konick

Partner institution 2  (coordinator)- Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, Lithuania

5 persons - Mrs.Rima Juozapavičienė, Mrs. Rima Leimontienė,  Ms. Eglė Kriukaitė, Mrs. Rasa Čėsnienė, Mrs. Ingrida Šlegerienė

Partner institution 3 –British Film Institute, UK

6 persons -Miss Joanna van der Meer, Mrs. Clio Whittaker, Ms. Dominika Widlak-Manka, Mrs. Christine James, Mr. Freddie Tschepp – learner, Ms. Samantha Carter

Partner institution 4– Kula  Education and  Youth Association, Turkey

4 persons - Mr.Cem Özbay, Mr. Hakan Mutaf, Mr. Şahan Çöker, Mrs. Seçil Yildirim Şimşek

Partner institution 5 – Pieksämäki Adult Education Centre, Finland

2 persons - Ms. Helena Vuojakoski, Mr. Juha Kalliola

Partner institution 6 - PROFICIO, o.s., Czech Republic

2 persons - Mrs. Lucie Waldrová, Mrs. Petra Vávrová

Partner institution 7 – Hellenic Commerce Development Centre, Greece

4 persons -Mrs. Zacharo Papadopoulou, Mrs. Maria Delistavrou, Mrs. Eleftheria Kotoudi, Mrs. Katerina Floran.


Plan of Activities


Monday 17th October 2011




Arrival day

Dinner (optional – meet at Rambuteau Station at 19.40 in the centre of Paris, a walk around and a dinner at Flam‘s : 62 Rue Lombards, 75001 Paris


Tuesday 18th October 2011


Breakfast to be taken at hotel or any other arrangement


A welcome address and introduction


Monitoring session - coordinators’ reports and updates on activities in partner institutions since our last meeting in London (May 2011)

·         Websites updates

·         Results of Stop Motion Animation activities in institutions

·         Problems encountered

·         Special issues/special, dissemination events/


M3-CUBE Photo, Films, other artistic activities presentation


Workshop 1 : Digital photography (part 1)

Pixlr utilization. navigator freeware

Pixlr/Photoshop introduction

How to work your digital photos using layers (embellish your photos, animate them; tips and pieces of advice when working with this type of software) and how to print them at the proper size if needed for further animation.


Lunch Time


Workshop 1 : Digital photography (part 2)

Special effects

Work in groups and exercises


Workshop 2 : The role of sound in movie motion and pictures

Sound  and special effects

Music and its role

Sound samples (their utilization, transformation and so on)

How to use sound with pictures/movies

Changing image expression with sound and music


Tour Montparnasse – looking at Paris from above (a panoramic view with a terrace)

Dinner in surroundings – L’Entrepot Restaurant


Wednesday 19th October 2011


Breakfast to be taken at hotel or any other arrangement


Stop Motion Animation Films Presentation

Sharing the animation film learning experience and choice of the best films made during learning sessions in partner institutions

·         Learners’ presentations of 2-3 best animation films realized during classes in partner institutions

  • Choice of the best ones to be included in the project DVD


 Discussion on educational aspects of the animation programme      and further project developments


Lunch time


Group A Workshop 3: Working with traditional photography

·         Shooting

·         Lighting (the role of the light, how to play with it)

·         Depth of field, low angle shot

Work in groups + exercises

Group B (coordinators) Discussions

  • on further project developments (continuation),
  • preparations of material for the final products,
  • organisational aspects of the meeting in the Czech Republic


Dinner  at the Chartier Restaurant


Thursday 20th 2011


Breakfast to be taken at hotel or any other arrangement


A walk around Paris :

L’arc du Triomphe – a walk down the Champs –Elysées – Concorde – Tuleries – Louvre – The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris – blvd St Michel (a look at the Sorbonne and the Pantheon) – Jardin du Luxembourg with its free photo exposition

14.00- further on

Your free time in Paris


Friday 21st 2011


Breakfast to be taken at hotel or any other arrangement


Departure of  participants







1. Monitoring session

The meeting started from the overview of the project activities, findings from learners’ feedback in each institution in order to monitor the partnership performance. Coordinators presented their reports on the activities and dissemination events carried out in their institutions in May-October, discussed and proposed some suggestions for updating the project webpage. The partners have agreed that

  • the project activities, in this case – stop motion animation course (continuation) for adults and intergenerational groups have been carried out smoothly and fruitfully in institutions in the UK, Finland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, France, Turkey; the second phase of educational activities in Greece is scheduled to start by the end of November.
  • there were various groups of learners formed in the institutions (adults only, fathers with sons, intergenerational tandems, etc.) so at this stage this helped the project to involve the members of the target group of the project and to promote family and intergenerational learning in different European countries,  to develop creativity and IT skills of the learners;
  • the image gallery of the website should be updated with the photos of learners’ activities in institutions in different countries so the institutions have to send 5-6 or more photos to the coordinator from Turkish institution until the 25th November  (coordinators in each institution are responsible). The image gallery should be updated until the end of November 2011 (institution from Turkey is responsible);
  • the parts of the webpage such as “About the Project”, “Project Objectives and Strategies”, ,,Partners” have to be translated into all national languages until the 25th November  (coordinators in each institution are responsible) and placed on the webpage until the end of November 2011 (institution from Turkey is responsible);
  • the forum part for exchanging feedback on the website should be created until the end of November 2011 (institution from Turkey is responsible).


2. Educational aspects of the animation programme

There was an animation presentation show organized. The learner’s, coordinators from participating countries presented and  watched the best stop motion animations films  created by learners. The partners shared the detailed plans of stop motion animation teaching programmes in their institutions (aims, objectives, description of the target group, timetable and subjects, results of the programme, impact on the target group, recommendations, findings (trainers’, learners’ comments regarding the possible changes, amendments) related to the implementation of the programme and had a brief discussion on preparation of the sample/common animation teaching programme. The partners have decided:

  • The sample/common animation programme (curriculum) will be prepared as a final product of this project. The common subjects/modules, recommendations from each programme implemented in different countries will be included   in this sample programme.
  • The sample programme should have one more additional part such as “Learning/Teaching Material”.
  • The partner   institution from the UK will be responsible for preparation of the draft version of the programme until the end of December 2011.

3. Further project developments

The partners discussed on the further project activities, possibilities to implement them in each institution. There were discussions on delivering the photography course for target groups in the institutions. The partners agreed on the following:

  • The partner organizations from Lithuania, Finland, the Chech Republic, Turkey, France, Greece will carry out the photography activities in their institutions.
  • The subjects and duration of the photography teaching programme should be chosen according to the needs of the learners’ groups but the activities should be carried out until the end of February and result in exhibition “Heritage of My Family”/ “Heritage of Different Generations” in each partner organization.
  • The institutions from Greece, Lithuania, Turkey will also organize the additional animation courses for socially disadvantaged groups.
  • The institution from the UK will continue on implementation and organization of the animation courses for adults.
  • While organizing the internal evaluation in institutions each institution chooses the appropriate forms of getting the information from participants and learners after the activities are implemented though it is recommended to organize separate feedback sessions and take videos in order to have the video material for the final product.


4. Preparations of material for the final products

The partners discussed on the structure and material for the final products. They have agreed on the following:

  • the preparations for the final product – a set of 2 DVDs  (one for Compendium, the other for the  animation films, photo albums created by  learners) should be started soon after this meeting;
  • the Compendium will contain useful educational material (partners’ experience, activity plans, recommendations) for organizing the intergenerational and family learning and will consist of 4 parts: Introductory Part/Overwiew, Stop Motion Animation Programme, Study Circles on Films, Photography activities;
  • institution from Lithuania should prepare the overwiew of the partnership activities, their value and impact;
  • to collect material for the Compendium partners will provide a  detailed plan of the best (from their point of view) study circle activity and photography programme/activities in their institutions;
  • the institution from Finland is responsible for collecting the material and designing the draft version of the final product – a set of 2 DVDs to be brought to the meeting in February 2012.


5. Organization and preparations for the meeting in the Czech Republic

The partners have discussed the organization and preparation for the meeting in the Czech Republic and agreed on the following aspects:

  • The meeting will be organized on 27th February -2nd March 2012.
  • The work programme will be mainly focused on the overview of results and evaluation of the photography courses in institutions as well as on discussions on the draft version of the final product - Compendium and DVD illustrating learning results.  
  • Partner institutions are supposed to bring six printed out photos (three – A4 and three –A5) for the international exhibition “Heritage of My Family”/ “Heritage of Different Generations”. In addition, each institution may bring digital photo albums created by learners.
  • Each partner institution will bring a collection of photos and videos from the previous meetings (DVD format) as well as one animation film on the topic “Farewell” in order to start preparations for the final meeting in Greece.