Agenda Durnesti Meeting 31/10/2012

PRO ENT project


30 october 2012

Arrival the participant in DURNEST

20:00 h Dinner


31 october 2012

10:00 h

Official opening

presenting the organization

aims of the project

owerview  of the project


13:30 Lunch



Visit the village


20:00 h Dinner

International Dinner


01 november



10:00 h 


 Coordination meeting to prepare the cooperation for the next 2 years

13:30 Lunch


16:30h Round table about the project


18:30h Group (how to promote our project )


20:00 h Dinner



02 november 



Officially our project started in August 2012 and we will do our first meeting in Durnesti hosted by Maria for travelling and hotel, food it will be better to contact with her.I think we will come 4 person,the manager is now in other city for Training course we still have not decided yet.


We can discuss together where to stay and how many participants.İf you like you can bring your students or learners.We will run the project According to our 2-year plan



Transnational project meeting  among participants: getting to know each other and laying down of project rules and time frame project partners - exchange of experiences/materials among participant institutions


 About Your Organisation:

1.During the MEETING , each one will get the opportunity to present their own organization in a visual way.

We encourage you to bring as much –relevant- materials as possible

To bring with you:

2. About Your  Educational systems

Please bring  your countries' ppt

3.About your national vocational education strategy,plan,program