Pro-Ent – Kick Off Meeting

October 31st to November 1st 2012

Durnesti - Romania



Wednesday, October 31st 2012


1) Round table:

- Romanian delegation presentation                                     - Turkish delegation presentation

- French delegation presentation                                           - Estonian delegation presentation

- Italian delegation are missing for health problem


2) General presentation of the project

 by Catalina from Romania

-reading of document n°1


3) Women Durnesti Association presentation


4) Talk about the initial proposal

- Estonian is talking about what they will be able to bring to the project. They have entrepreneurship experience.

- PPT presentations tomorrow




5) Visit of a farm (nuts)




6) Visit of a private museum


7) Visit of another farm (cows)


8) Visit of Republic of Moldavia barrier


9) Folk dance show




Thursday, November 1st 20121


1) Visit of primary school


2) Visit of the Hall Town


3) Meeting at the local school


·        Yasin presentation:

-  Video school presentation

The high school aims teaching technical materials technics. After 4 years, students have lots practices but miss entrepreneurship and they need it to go further. Visiting other countries and projects, it will help them learning about it.

There are a lot of 400 students and 40 teachers.

- The education of Entrepreneurship in Turkey PPT

Entrepreneurship should exist by means of education and by means of projects.

The word entrepreneurship is not used in Turkish course book for primary school and only uses the words “invention”, “leader”.

High school divided in general high school and vocational high school. The notion of entrepreneurship is introduced but very little in high school course books.

- Historical and touristic presentation of Kirsehir and Anatolian region in PPT


·        Sabine presentation (PPT)


·        Eero presentation (talk)

Name of the association, created in 2001, experienced in Estonia and European level

Some years ago, they had a project named … developing ideas from high school and universities.

And other experiences with FP7 project named… promoting sciences to young people. Other project related to e-democracy, etc. Other project was aimed to teach ICT to young people and working with e-Seniors. Other project working on how to reduce unemployment in Europe thanks to European methods and tools. There was a chapter about entrepreneurship for young people. He offers us guide on the project.

- Touristic information about Estonia and Tallinn.


·        Maria presentation (PPT)

- Educational system in Romania

Educational Act 1995 / Pre-university education: recent changes in the education Act / Foreign language teaching and learning in Romania / the process Education and Training 2010 / Training pathways / Qualifications and Curriculum in IVET /

- Presentation of Romania, the province of Moldovia, Botosani and Durnesti


Turkish and Romanian partners insisted more on cultural aspects; Turkish partners insisted on their students, Estonian and French partners talked more about their European teaching experiences.

Yasin says that he will create the website and all the partners will put their documents on it. E-Seniors will send their minutes and suggest how to cooperate in the project.




4) Visit of Botosani