SUC Start-Up Communities

Consortium Meeting n3

May 29th and 30th 2014 Nicosia / Cyprus


Wednesday 28th May 2014


        Dinner with partners



Thursday 29th May 2014


        Opening by ENIA, Will Evans and Paolo Montemuro


        Research findings (all the researches and presentation are in Dropbox)


  Amery Brothers presentation & FIG(United-Kingdom)

  Euroconto (Bulgaria)

  E-Juniors (France)

  AJEV (Spain)





Coffee Break



        Presentation, Mr. Andreas Koupparis: chairman, Cyprus Business Angels Network


        Research findings (all the researches and presentation are in Dropbox)


  EU Fundraising Assoc. & EMCRA (Germany)

  Konya Uni (Turkey)


Lunch Break at the hotel restaurant





        Ms. Stavriana Kofteros, Special Adviser on Entrepreneurship, RDI & Deputy Press Spokesperson at Democratic Rally


        Research findings (all the researches and presentation are in Dropbox)


  Inovamais (Portugal)

  Kulttuuricampus (Finland)

  Materahub (Italy)



Coffee Break


        Partner Organization presentations

Each partner has 3 minutes to present its company and activities


        Dinner at Zannetos Restaurant



Friday 30th May 2014


        Communication Strategy by Paolo Montemuro



It is on Dropbox and must be used



Before using it, we need to full it. Topics are divided and distributed to all partners. Paolo will send individual mails for validation.



Will be done. We need to build a list of contacts.


  Social networks:

Twitter, Linked, Facebook, etc. Each partner is asked to use its social networks and to share it (especially the content of the blog) for the project.


  Articles to be written

An email will be send regarding the attribution of topics of articles to be written by each partner. An article must not exceed 450 words.


  Rename of the project

ST.UP.COM. has been chosen


Important: need to communicate organization information for the invoice!



        The creation and growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, Mr. Michael Tyrimos COO, Exelia Technologies (Cyprus, South Africa), Co-founder, Synups, Executive Board Member, Cypriot Enterprise Link





Coffee Break

        Promoting the early stages of the Start-up Communities Concept

Discussion based on research conducted


        SUC Project Management by Will Evans


  Next mobilities:

- Finland = February 19th and 20th 2015 ( changer car CM SenApp Paris!)

- Turkey = May 14th and 15th 2015 ( changer car le 14 cest fri ascension et moi jai un CM COBUSVET le 12 et le 13 mai!)

- Bulgaria = July 23th and 24th 2015 (Cest bon! Ouf!)


  Intermediate Report

The coordinator will circulate the common part




        Handout of certificates of attendance