Start-Up Communities
First transnational meeting
Paris, 28th and 29th of November 2013

Record of decisions

Responsibilities have been divided as follow (each task has a lead country but all partners need to participate):

·        Digital –LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blog, logo, press release = Cyprus/Italy

·        Documentation Librarian – all present and ready for viewing = Spain/Sweden

·        External relevance of our project – up to date with EU agenda around this, what else can we be involved with as a partnership = Finland

·        Networking – expanding SUC network and building contacts from each partner and beyond, holding the full contact list and summary of every organisation that has been involved throughout the project. Are there any specific organisations we should try and speak with = UK

·        Dissemination plan – manages contacts from all, opportunities to be involved outside of the project, widens the net as far as possible = Turkey

·        Monitoring and Evaluation – plan and delivery as befits a project of this size, to make sure we meet all requirement of all national agencies = Germany

Mobilities have been settled as follow. All partners should arrive one day before:

·        France – Nov 13 – co-working

·        UK – Feb 14 – Start-up incubators and seed finance : 6/7th of Feb (arrival 5th)

·        Cyprus – May 14 – project management as a tool &  Community variation: 29/30th of May

·        Spain– Sep 14 – youth entrepreneurship; early engagement  & specific groups : 18/19th of September

·        Finland – late Feb 15 – VET Course to enhance entrepreneurship skills /Academic entrepreneurship/ Educational Learning Alliances

·        Turkey – May 15 – Fundraising and capital research

·        Sweden/Bulgaria  - beginning of July 15 -  Social entrepreneurship

Vision of the outcome

Booklet + Website

Contact of Basil Samson from the Studio Singuliers
Twitter : @stdsinguliers

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