7-10 NOVEMBER 2013


On Thursday, November 7th 2013 the partners arrived in Turgutlu.

Friday and Saturday were the working days.


The meetings were about shaping the second year of the project. At the end of the meeting, deliverables and deadlines for the deliverables were agreed upon.


Deliverable 1, "Traditional village as tourist attractions". Some partners have already prepared it, but contributions are missing from: France, Cyprus, Spain, Romania, Poland. These should be sent by 30 November 2013 to Italian partners. Mail addresses are: livianorana@libero.it, hjmaria7@supereva.it


The Consortium Partners reviewed the list of deliverables and decided that the generally deliverables would be prepared according to the following logic:

1) Responsible Partner will prepare a draft of a contribution of a partner to the deliverable and send it to all partners (indicating an e-mail address and deadline for consortium contributions).

2) Partners will input information from their country or information regarding their traditional village.

3) Responsible partner will gather contributions from consortium partners and merge these into a single document.


Here is the list of deliverables, deadlines for responsible partners to send their drafts to consortium.


Dlv. 3: Lithuania gathers info on dlv. 3. - Workshop and exhibition in each partner country: "Traditional household items, food and homemade drink". Partners will send their contributions to Silva by 30 of November 2013.


Dlv. 4 - International exhibitions and fairs: "This is my village and these are my customs". Nick will collect information by end of November.

Dlv. 5 - Brochure: "The European village. Customs and Traditions in Europe" - Poland will make the draft. The deadline is the end of November. Other partners will fill it in by end of December.

Dlv. 6.- International workshop and fairs: "Traditions: popular costumes in the European Village".

Responsible partner: Spain, each partner will bring pictures and 1 object to Spain consortium meeting.  

Dlv. 7. - "Electronic maps of the lesser known areas of cultural tourism in the partner countries".

Responsible partner: Estonia, will make a draft, send it to partners by end of November. All partners will make maps in December. The maps will be sent to elenurm@interest.ee

Dlv. 8. - National entrepreneurship and handicraft workshops in each partner country.

A table of activities. Responsible partner: Estonia. Deadline: end of November. Table headings will be:

Place, Target group, time, No of participants, Comments. Kind of activity.

Dlv. 9. - Brochure: "Education and cultural tourism"- a report of resources for employment in the field of cultural tourism – The draft will be prepared by Poland by 15 of January 2014. Every partner will prepare their parts/presentations for the brochure until the meeting in Spain.

Dlv. 10. - Brochure: a methodology of intervention in the adult education concerning the cultural tourism, traditional jobs, ICT and multimedia, entrepreneurial education.

Work will be done during project meeting in Spain. There will be a workshop where ideas are shared. The work will be reviewed in Paris. Romania makes the draft for this activity.

Dlv. 11.  -  The final report of activity; Romania will take a look at the required format for final report.

- Final product: "The adult educational package: films, didactic materials, photos, traditional products"

This product will include deliverables made earlier.

Newsletters / Turkey will prepare newsletters. Romania, Italy, Lithuania will send pictures and short explanations what we did on meetings there.  The deadline for sending necessary material for the newsletter is the end of November.

Dissemination / every partner will think and prepare a list of activities done and planned.