- Vakaru Lietuvos verslo kolegija - Lithuania

- I.T.I.S. E. Majorana - Italy

- E-JUNIORS association - France

- Turgutlu Halk Egitimi Merkezi -Turkey

- Asociacion Emprende Empleo - Spain

- Interest Marketing - Estonia

- Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Edukacji "Pomost" - Poland


- SSM Global Training Services LTD - Cyprus

- Asociatia Culturala Gaudeamus – Romania




1. Partner presentations of recent “traditional village” activities




2. Presentation and assessment of any “outstanding” deliverables


Some major questions/issues came up:


  1. Who is the coordinator of the project? Lithuania is going to provide us an official response about who the coordinator is. Is it Lithuania or Romania? There is some confusion here regarding the official coordinator (who would normally take the lead in solving any pending issues as well as taking on a leading role in the elaboration of the common parts of the EST and the Final Report).
  2. What is the next step with Cyprus? The coordinator (Lithuania or Romania?) should try to deal with this issue. Cyprus never confirmed if they would attend the meeting, though they did make a hotel reservation with the assistance of the host partner. They did not provide an explanatory email as promised concerning their current situation. They did not cancel their hotel reservation. This is unacceptable and unprofessional behaviour, the result of which is to put into doubt their continued participation in this project (in addition, they have not been physically present since the 3rd TNL meeting in Lithuania, where they had originally intended to send at least two representatives, although only one actually showed up).
  3. Will the final meeting still take place in Cyprus? The work days (main meeting dates) are scheduled for the 18th and 19th of July, so a quick answer/confirmation of this is necessary. Both the partner from EE and the partner from PL have indicated their willingness to host what is normally the final TNL partners meeting.












3. Learner/Trainer Evaluations


Model evaluation forms have been provided by RO for overall project assessment with respect to learners and trainers. Each country is free to adapt these forms as they see fit. FR has already adapted them and has had them completed by their learners. These questionnaires (or any feedback from them) are both useful and important and could be presented or reviewed at the final TNL meeting.

For the final report, additional documents (questionnaire results, individual feedback revealing the personal impact  of the project) could also be of value.


4. Next Steps

·         Resolve the coordinator issue

·         Resolve the Cyprus issue (final TNL meeting to be held there or in EE or PL?)

·         Update and finalize website deliverables

·         Provide evaluation or overall feedback by final TNL meeting