2nd project meeting, Fürth, 1st & 2nd of October 2015


Participants: Okan University - Pendik municipality - E-Juniors – ILI – Glafka – Zirve

I)Welcome by Paul Held

II)Output O1 Best practices and Output O2 Need analysis

01 Best practices is finished: A brochure will be produced by the leader Pendik municipality. Il will be put on the website.

02 Need analysis is also finished.

All outputs should be translated.

Best practices document will be translated  in all the national  language. The final version will be sent by 9th October by Pendik Municipality. The translation in all national languages id due by 1st of December.

Need analysis (38 pages) will also be translated in all the national languages. For November 1st  the Need alalysis should be translated in all national languages. E-Juniors will contribute to the Need analysis report written by Okan University. The explanations after the tables should be translated and also age, gender etc.

These two documents will be available on the website, facebook and also printed. If we want some copies in our national languages or English, we just need to write an email to the coordinator to let him know how many copies we want.

III)Output 3 to Output 5 Handbooks –ILI Leader

3 handbooks will be produced.

Common structures have been done and tasks have been divided between the partners and content have been added.

What we need to do: complete the content, layout and design of handbook (by pendik municipality), translation of content, training with the target groups (with 15 participants per partner).

The training should be evaluated and the training will take place in March 2016. The duration of the training should be decided (output 3, 4 and 5 should be treated) but at least it should last 3 days to test all handbooks.

E-Juniors has 20 days per handbook.

Time schedule:

Beginning of the project is in May (instead of February usually planned), Pendik will ask for an extension of the project but in Germany it seems to be not possible to extend it.

Handbooks should be finish in March 2016.

The e-learning platform will be developed in parallele with the creation of the website. The contents of the handbooks should be finished by the end of this year (end of December) and after we have two months for translation.

Common structure of all manuals:

 Introduction part should be prepared by the handbook leader

 the project yousee part should be prepared by the project coordinator

the  conceptual framework part should be prepared by the handbook leader

the social entrepreneurship part: social entrepreneurship concept prepared by Okan; models of SE prepared by Okan; SE in different countries prepared by all partners (template created by ILI); results of the needs analysis prepared by the coordinator.

Main theme/ topic of the manual (15-20 pages)

Exercises (5-10 pages)

·        O3 Create your social business plan lead by Okan

Will be finished by the end of this year, no need contribution from other partners Okan will develop exercises and send them to the other partners for feedback.

An instruction manual for the trainers will be created by Pendik municipality

·        O4 Manage and improve your social business model lead by ILI

Social business plan: 

a)theoretical approaches to business model innovation: difficult ro attract young people with this part

b)canvas method (prepared by ILI)

c)case studies (to be provided by project partners)

the template is reviewed to realize interview more detailed with entrepreneurs.

E-juniors will interview two entrepreneurs for the case studies to answer to the new questions.  We will use the template send by Okan University.

Each partner will at least provide one case study.

We have until the 1st of December to provide the case studies.

·        O5 Capacity building via External mechanisms lead by ILI

Capacity building for social entrepreneurs:

a)General elements of capacity builing prepared by ILI

b)External fund mechanisms prepared by Pendik

c)Internal finacing, internal funds

d) national characteristics and examples prepared by all partners’ countries


ILI will open their cloud to all the partners to share the documents about the project.

Newsletters are going to be created by Pendik municipality and will send them to the other partners for translation and diffusion to the local media.

A press release should be translated in all the partners languages and disseminate.

Brochures will be designed by Pendik municipality and send to the partners. All the partners will translate them for diffusion.

The website should available in one month and created by Pendik municipality.

Pendik has planned to design documents one with information of the project and one with information about the outputs (should be produced this month).

Each partner has to write an article for a newspaper (online or not) for the end of the project.

Social media accounts will be created by Pendik university (LinkedIn and Facebook page).

Multiplier event will be helb by Okan university (final conference)


Quality management report will be done by Pendik municipality. They will send us a template of questionnaire to collect feedback and partners will be asked to fill it online. All the partners should fill it in (not only one per organisation);

International training in Paris: it is for 26 trainees (5 per partner).

Timesheets need to be sent to the coordinator every two months.

Partners will send end all the financial documents by 15th October. Abdullah will send the list of the necessary documents.