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Project E-GAME


POTENZA 22-25.11.2012


At the meeting to which all the partners participated with a delegation were taken the following decisions:

A.        Each partner have to prepare 5 questions (with 3 answers – only 1 correct) for each of the following sectors:

1.       History

2.       Geography (basic informations)

3.       Sites

4.       Art, Culture and Traditions

5.       European Union values

6.       Famous persons, etc.

Dead-line: 15.01.2013


B.        Each partner have the indicated questions on the following countries:

  Romania:         Serbia, Bulgaria

  Turkey:             Netherland,

  Estonia:            Finland, Hungary

  Latvia:               Sweden, Denmark

  Lithuania:        Slovenia, Croatia

  Czech Rep.:     Spain, Slovakia

  Greece:            Cyprus, Malta

  France:             Germany, Belgium

  Portugal:          Luxembourg

  UK:                     Ireland, Austria

  Italy:                  Poland

Dead-line: 15.01.2013


C.        The next meetings will be realized in the following countries and periods:

  21-24 March 2013 in Birmingham - UK - hosted by The Discovery of Talents

  04-07 July 2013 in Beja (Lisbon) - PORTUGAL - hosted by Associaηγo Check-In

  December 2013 (dates to be decided later) in Prague - CZECH REP. - hosted by InEurope, o. s.

  April 2014 (dates to be decided later) in Riga - LATVIA - hosted by Biedriba Pro Futuro

  July 2014 (dates to be decided later) in Paris - FRANCE - hosted by Association M3 M-CUBE

For the next meeting our UK Colleague Justyn will send us as soon as possible indications for travel and accommodations


D.        General and specific tasks for coordinator and partners are indicated into the Presentation of the project E-GAME in ppt prepared by the association EURO-NET (some changes where realized following the requests of various partners during the meeting – for example: France now has to create the games' rules). For each task the specific deadlines are clearly indicated into the section D4 of the project proposal (so please read it carefully to respect all the deadline for your task).




What we expect



•     coordination (started)

• (yahoo-group)

•     animations & software of the game

•    Good relations/cooperation with all partners

•    Fast answers and tasks to be realized in time

Skakistikos omilos panoramatos


•     content & graphic of 2 newsletters

•     testing the game

•    Exciting & nice graphic & good content!

•    Test the game with 50 young people

Sadala Welfare Society


•     logo

•     testing the game

•    5 different proposals (one will be chosen)

•    Test the game with 50 adult/old people

Biedriba Pro Futuro


•     realization of the videos of each meeting (6 video totally)

•     dissemination activities using Facebook & LinkedIn (and others like twitter)

•    Nice videos on YouTube

•    Large dissemination with social media (at least 2 messages on the project per month)

Kaunas Regional Innovation Center


•     content & graphic of the official web site

•     production of Cd-roms of the game

•    Exciting & nice graphic & good content!

•    At least 30 Cd-roms per partner of the game

Association kult-art


•     content & graphic of leaflets

•     gadgets creation

•    Exciting & nice graphic & good content!

•    3-5 gadgets realized for each product for each partner

Associaηγo Check-In


content & graphic of posters

Exciting and nice graphic!

Association M3 M-CUBE


creation of games' rules

Nice rules (in connections with the indications of the coordinator)

Konya university


testing the game

Test the game with 150 young people

The Discovery of Talents


corrections of all texts in English

Have a perfect English in each of our tool

InEurope, o. s.

Czech R.

preparation of evaluation' tools

2 types of Evaluation


E.         The logo was chosen by the majority of the participants after a democratic vote. It is the one below (prepared by Estonian partner):



F.         Next step is the meeting evaluation to be realized asap from the Czech Rep. partner.


For any necessity, missed information or necessary changes you can contact the coordinator indicating the asked changes into this minute.