Connect with ICT



User Handbook for the e-learning system







Project title: Connect with ICT

Project acronym: Co-ICT

Project number: 2011-1-TR1-LEO04-24538

Handbook prepared by Amalgama Information Management Ltd –



1. Accessing the e-learning system.. 3

2. Basic Functions and Navigation. 4

3. Navigation in a Course. 6

4. Navigation in a Unit. 8

5. Navigation in Unit’s learning content. 9

6. Need Help?. 11



1. Accessing the e-learning system


On your computer’s desktop, or Start menu, open your favourite browser - on your desktop, double-click on an icon that may look like one of the following:


When the browser opens (in this example, it is Google Chrome), type the following address: in the address bar and press “Enter”; or if available, click with your mouse e.g. the “Go” button on the right of the address bar.



The e-learning system will open shortly in your browser.



2. Basic Functions and Navigation


The e-learning system will appear similarly to the following screenshot:


You can click on the language menu on the right-hand side, to choose the interface language you prefer:








From the available languages for courses, you can select to take the course in the language you prefer:


You can also view and choose from the table of contents of all courses in all languages, below:


3. Navigation in a Course


When you open a course, an outline description will appear, following by the course’s content (“Units”, “Subjects”, or “Courses”):


Click the information (“i") icon next to a Unit for more information:


When you click the “i" icon, a window will pop-up with information about the unit:


4. Navigation in a Unit


After you click on a Unit in a course, the Unit will appear with a “Topic Outline” and the unit’s contents underneath:


By using the Navigation Bar (horizontal) and the Navigation Block (vertical, on the left), you can easily access the home page, other units, or courses:

5. Navigation in Unit’s learning content


In a Unit, after its outline, you will notice its content: either text, or practical exercises, or questionnaires:

Opening the first item, it will take you to the text, where you can scroll and read it (right-hand side scroll), or roll over with your mouse and use the controls to zoom-in, or print etc:


If you open e.g. a practical exercise of a Unit, the instructions will appear in the same manner:



6. Need Help?


Check out the video presentation of the system:

For more information, visit the project’s website:

Speak with us and reach fellow learner on our Facebook page:

Contact one of our partners in your country: go to our website ( and look up to “Contact Us”, or Partners.

Technical questions? Contact Amalgama Information Management ( ) or, Orestis Tringides (email: orestis ΑΤ tringides DΟΤ com )