Supporting intergenerational learning and the active participation of older people in the fight against climate change

Erasmus+ project

Duration: 25 months, from October 1, 2023 to October 31, 2025



- Antona Trstenjaka Institute Coordinator (Slovenia)

- M3Cube Association (France)

- Gantalcalá La Rioja (Spain)

- CitizensAct (Cyprus)

- Fundacja Mapa Pasji (Poland)

The project :

The AgeinGreen project addresses the priority of the environment and the fight against climate change, raising awareness of the challenges of climate change and the need for green transitions. This involves developing intergenerational learning materials and learning opportunities for all generations.


The creators of the project realized that most older people are less aware of the impact of human behavior on the planet and are less actively involved in solving the problem of climate change than younger generations. However, some older people have lived or still live in societies where practices, traditions and consumption habits are more respectful of the environment, and have experiences and knowledge about sustainable living that have not been not been sufficiently exploited and shared with younger generations.

The project's learning approach therefore focuses on these individuals to learn about climate change, rethink their way of life and integrate sustainable changes and personal contributions that help to fight against climate change with the support of their peers and the group. In this way, the project seeks to create and promote learning opportunities among all citizens and all generations. The project focuses on intergenerational learning environments that support the engagement of different generations from diverse backgrounds who can and should contribute to the fight against climate change. Including participants from different generations, working and learning together with the same goals and methods creates a sense of community and civic engagement that is very difficult to acquire. The project thus supports the priority given to common values, civic engagement and participation.


Results :

1. An intergenerational training program on climate change
2. A climate change scavenger hunt manual, with guidelines on organizing such a scavenger hunt
3. A set of guidelines for sustainable lifestyles for all generations
4. A manual on climate change available in the five project languages and in English. It is a collection of the main activities and results of the project, written and distributed so that educators can use it in their work.

Resources :

Newsletter 1