Intergenerational “WII battle” (with interactive Nintendo games)  competition in Daviel cultural center (Paris 13th)


The event, described hereafter, consists  in an  intergenerational meeting, based on an inter-ages  interactive games tournament  with Nintendo game consoles, which was prepared jointly by the Daviel  Cultural Center, the Youth Information Point,  a group of students from Paris X university , and the team of the association E-SENIORS association.


Date :

The date (Wednesday afternoon, 18/02) was chosen for 2 reasons:
Wednesday is a day when grandparents take care of their grand-children
This date is located during the February school holidays, which is more convenient for having scholars participating in such an event.


Location :

The meeting took place in the large area of cafeteria, where a dozen of tables and many chairs are installed.  This area is located at ground floor and visible from the entrance hall of the Center. We also used the space of the large corridor, through which comes  anyone visiting the theater.


Configuration :

We installed 2 game consoles, each connected to a video projector in order to obtain a large visual field for the  games, one on a screen and the other on a white wall.
For each console, we had loudspeakers for sound (the spoken explanations represent a significant part of the games).
We had 2 game corners. We closed the curtains of the cafeteria and shut down the lights as to have a better contrast on the projections.
We left the tables and chairs so that people could sit while waiting for their turn to play.
We used a whiteboard with markers to record the names of the players  and the results of the teams.


Scenario of the afternoon :

A large poster had been prepared by the Center to announce the event and was visible at the entry.

The intergenerational association  "A l’Unisson" was present for the first part of the event and proposed  some classical physical exercise to warm up the muscles

Having allowed  free access to the games early in the afternoon, we noticed that we very young children (under 10)  had begun to play without any help, as they were already used to the console.

As we wanted to have mixed (different ages) groups we decided to  decide upon teams and register the whiteboard, allowing a column to record the results.

We started with the Wii sports games, namely tennis, bowling –the games you can play  with a partner.

The teams who were waiting for  their "turn",  had the choice:
- To observe the play of others, to learn how to manipulate the joystick
- To sit and talk around the tables

To make  the waiting time more enjoyable, we purchased and offered a small taste:
- Drinks
- Different cakes

We also bought lollipops - sugar-free, which is important because girls and grandmothers are very sensitive to dental caries and diet). The idea of lollipops was, in fact, to be a prize for the winners ... but we gave them to everybody!

Participants :

A number of senior students of E-SENIORS (from the 13 th and 15 th arrondissements ) came, in part with their young children.
The person in charge of the PIJ (Youth Information Point) Center  actively participated in the event and a number of local young people  were present.
The 3 students, who had proposed to study this tournament as an "tutored project" for their studies, participated actively in the preparation and conduct of the day.
A person responsible of another association in Paris 20 came with a few young people of  his neighborhood.
Some other people, working with seniors clubs in the 13th arrondssement, came as they were interested in the implementation of such actions, among others due to the fact that the Nintendo Company had given  a number of Wii game consoles to the City of Paris.

... Suggestions for next time

We need to prepare a scenario of the games most suited to the public and prepare a detailed schedule of the tournament.

We need to consider the duration of the game for each team ( number of sets for tennis) and how to "note" the points and teams.

We must have a consistent notation in order to designate a winner and award a trophy.

There should be a prize / trophy for the winner (this may be a certificate! If there was no means!)

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