Food Gaming for Active Ageing (FG4AA)

Erasmus+ KA2

Duration : 2 years

(December 2019 November 2021)



-          E-Seniors Association (France coordinator)

-          Albertay University (United Kingdom)

-          AIJU (Spain)

-          VITECO (Italy)



FA4AG aims at promoting good nutrition habits among seniors by proposing innovative gamesolutions to explain nutrition. The gamification dimension will at once boost seniors' motivation tolearn more about well eating and promote ICT use among older people.A nutrition guide will be available for all seniors in order to learn more about good nutrition habits. Thelearning dimension will be strengthened by the Nutrition Games Platform that will host the nutritiongames and will be specifically tailored on seniors' needs in terms of usability and acceptability.These 2 tools are the main results of the project, which the consortium will co-design thanks to theinvolvement of the seniors from the very beginning of the project and will test and validate with them.



-          State of the art report underlying the best practices and the needs of the target groups on fourcountries: France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom

-          A report with the results of the co-creation sessions in three countries: France, Spain and UnitedKingdom mobilizing over 30 seniors

-          A comprehensive educational program on the project website, based on the needs of senior usersand produced with the assistance of nutritional professionals and researches

-          A platform offering interactive and educational games about nutrition: The Nutrition Games Platform

-          The website of the project hosting all the main results and outputs

-          The Facebook page of the project and various dissemination materials

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