Youthful Project

Erasmus+ _ KA220-YOU - Cooperation partnerships in youth





Duration: 24 months (15/04/2022 - 15/04/2024)


Project Partners:

-       POSITIVE YOUTH - Sweden (coordinator)

-       Vienna Association of Education Volunteers - Austria

-       HT srl - Italy

-       JOIST - Greece

-       SYAJ - Portugal

-       GrantXpert - Cyprus

-       E-Juniors - France


Objectives of the project:

According to the European Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020, everyone has an equal opportunity to realize mental well-being throughout their lifespan, particularly those who are most vulnerable. Considering this objective, the following actions are proposed: to create incentives for employers to reduce psychosocial and job-related stress and to enhance stress management and introduce simple programmes to promote well-being in the workplace.

The financial crisis of the last decade has brought tremendous changes in the workplace and employees are struggling to cope with tons of tasks and deadlines, disproportionate to their available working time. Multitasking, working on weekends and a permanent feeling of exhaustion describe colorfully how young people are feeling today. On the other hand, youth workers are trying to help them cope with all their responsibilities, but sometimes the available tools and techniques seem unable to offer a cure.

Mindfulness is the approach in focusing on the present moment, one thing at a time and controlling breath. By training youth workers to exercise mindfulness practices, they will be able to contribute to young people's well-being improvement, through the reduction of their stress level, the more efficient management of their duties and the general satisfaction of their lives. Youthful project was designed to cover the gap in the training of Youth Workers and young people who are employees as well.


The project aims to support youth workers and equip them with the necessary knowledge and practices regarding Mindfulness, in order to be able to support youth to cope with work related stress, improve their well-being and their quality of life. This aim will be achieved through the development of a curriculum for youth workers which will be embodied in a gamified platform and a C1 with youth workers. The PRs of the project (curriculum and gamified platform) will work as a basis for the theoretical framework and the C1 will offer practical knowledge of Mindfulness practices.



Project Results:

-       PR1: Educational Curriculum for Mindfulness Training of Youth Workers

-       PR2: Development of a Mindfulness app