Cyber Club Photo

Digital Image Cyber Club is a friendly place to learn about the image and digital photography.
Come with your photos and materials (Laptop, camera), you will learn to:
- Use your digital camera (value adjustments)
- Scan a photo or an existing slide (using a scanner)
- Edit Photo (scratches, stains ...)
- Make special effects (soft focus, sepia ...);
- Create albums, slideshows, movies, montages
- Identify the faces, geo-locating photos, add captions ...
E-seniors offers: a camera, a scanner, a printer, Internet connection
Some media support will be available as market rates:
Blank CDs and DVDs, USB sticks, photo paper, transfer paper (to make T-shirts).

Locations and hours :
Clej center :

Tuesday 2h to 4h30 PM
13 rue  du Cambodge 75020 PARIS,
Metro Gambetta

CAF Social Centre
4h  to 6h30  P.M.
295 Rue de  Charenton, 75012 Paris,
Metro Porte de Charenton

E-SENIORS membership = 15 € / year
Group tickets for five sessions available at the club (5 times    * 2 hours and a half) = 75 € (5 x 15 €)

Financial contribution requested for the equipment provided: paper files, CD / DVD discs, USB keys, transfer paper for T-shirt.

Days and hours :

Senior Olympic Games - with Poland on the 19th of June, 2012