Welcome to the EIT Health CitizenAct Hackathon organized by E-Seniors in Paris (Au Maire Residency) on Thursday, November 28th 2019.

During this intergenerational day, seniors, associations and start-up professionals co-created concepts and functionalities of mobile apps related to health & well-being that are better adapted to seniors expectations.

During this day, 5 workshops were dedicated to the thematics of nutrition, mobility, health data, prevention and well-being.

After a creativity boost game “Super Heroes”, groups discussed on seniors’ habits in order to identify specific needs, and then draw simple prototypes and pitched them to the rest of participants.

Seniors and professional participants really enjoyed this unique opportunity to meet and exchange for a whole day! In total, 5 models of apps were presented.

It was underlined that smartphones are a tool allowing people to meet each other, get into contact, interconnect and stay active but keep in mind the most important aspect... to create social relations between people