House for Youth and Culture in the 11st ditstrict of Paris

Discover the possibilities of the internet
Demystify computer technology
Don't be afraid to start this adventure!

- A beginning course adapted to your rythum and needs
- In a convivial atmosphere with other seniors

* A new way to communicate rapidly and simply through e-mail, chat groups, forums, messages, webcam, photo management, low cost telephone service, etc

* Something interesting to do in your free time without being results oriented

* Something intellectually stimulating including games, courses, information searches

* A tool to simplify your everyday life such as locating necessary forms, finding specific information on line, comparison shopping and easy purchasing,  managing your bank account, etc.

Since 2006, the Center has welcomed  evry trimester groups of 6 students at different levels of competence, with each student having their own computer and two instructors assisting the process

One hour is devoted to explanation and the second hour affords free time when the instructors can answer individual questions

Information :

Centre d'Animation MJC Mercoeur- tel.: 01 43 79 25 54 - 4 rue Mercoeur, 75011 Paris

E-Senior association - tel.: 06 24 39 64 34

We hope you will pay us a visit to see if this system might work for you.

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