Home Assistance

The E-seniors association also proposes assistance and introduction to computers in your home under our personal services program.

Because the association is registered with the Paris prefecture as an organization that renders services, the recipient can benefit from a 50% reduction on the amount paid for these services, up to a limit of 1000 euros per year.

In order to benefit there is nothing administrative to do.  Before January 31st of each year the association will furnish the beneficiary a receipt showing the amounts paid which should be joined to the tax declaration and 50% of this amount will be deducted from your taxes.

According to the laws of the national “Personal Services Program” (Services ŕ la Personne), internet assistance in your home covers the following:

v     Delivery of computer materials to your home

v     Installation of computer material in your home

v     Putting computer material into working order in your home

v     Maintenance of computer material in your home

v     Repairing computer material in your home (excluding cost of replacement parts)

v     Information and instruction as to the functioning of computer material and software for non professionals

You are guaranteed that the costs will be respected according to the list signed by both parties.

For more information consult