House of the Steelworkers
Cultural Establishment  of The City of Paris

Memoires of

the man/woman in the  street”

Creation of a weekly workshop.
Collection, editing and publication of short stories

from the testimony and the recollections of people  who have

encountered the environ of the House of Steelworkers.

Reaching an audience of retired people

This workshop is   devoted primarily to elderly people : it takes place accordingly

during working hours for the  convenience of retired people.

Participants in the workshop define their own topics, of research and of testimony, based on events, developments and evolutions of the district, and in line with the four major themes of the House of the Steelworkers:
-- Our  bodies and the emerging issues of healthcare,
-- The need to live and think differently, the plurality of cultures,
-- The relationship between artists and the social sphere,
-- The relationship between nature and  environment.

Training in the use of digital systems


 Audio recordings, writings, photographs, video,  and others  will be used for the collection of the testimonies.

The workshop therefore undertakes to learn and use new digital tools. The collected information will be   formatted and  published  on a dedicated Internet site.

These publications may use various medias : texts, photographs, audio or video.

 Monique Epstein of the association E-Seniors and Danielle Loisel are the two creators of this digital workshop . We also have the support of Jean Pierre Elbaz of the lnstitute of social history.

This workshop is an application of web-based documentary systems. It is involved with

 life at the House of the Steelworkers. It will take place in their computer facility and, this for a period of 2 to 3 hours daily.
It is an opportunity to involve new people with the House of the Steelworkers and to cultivate its unique history. or (if link broken)