EXERGAMING   for SENIORS…as well as /with juniors


Exergaming (a portmanteau of "exercise" and "gaming") is a term used for video games that also provide exercise. Exergames have one element of exercise and one element of gaming. The "gaming" aspect is a short form for video gaming.

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With the new “cerebral stimulation” or even just “physical activity” games offered by DS or WII Nintendo consoles (with or without WII FIT), we begun to organize  group activities for seniors  based on “Exergaming” but also  cognitive stimulation for seniors.

Games who have the biggest success are : ski slalom, step dance, balloons, tennis,…

Hereunder 2 pictures of  intergenerational stepdancing  and  tennis games during the "Fête de l'Internet" or some other pictures taken at Arefo (may 2008)