Proficio, o. s. , Máchova 30, Nový Jičín, 741 01, Czech Republic, mobile: 0042 0725 210 053



Nový Jičín, Czech Republic, 13. 2. 2012



Project Title


”New Educational Journeys for Adults: Enhancing Family and Intergenerational Learning through Photography, Film and Animation



Transnational Project Meeting Agenda


Date(s) of meeting 27 th  February -2nd March, 2012

Place of meeting – Nový Jičín, Czech Republic




Partner institution 1 (host) – PROFICIO, o. s.

4 persons – Mrs. Petra Vávrová, Mrs. Martina Paličková, Mr. Pavel Dobrý, Mrs. Pavlína Nitková


Partner institution 2  (coordinator)- Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, Lithuania

6 persons - Mrs. Rima Leimontienė, Mr. Aloyzas Balčiūnas, Mrs. Jolanta Naliveikienė, Mrs. Danutė Olberkienė, Mrs. Nijolė Padorienė, Mrs. Alma Norvilienė


Partner institution 3 –British Film Institute, UK

1 person -Miss Joanna van der Meer


Partner institution 4– Kula  Education and  Youth Association, Turkey

12 persons- Mr. Cem Özbay, Mr. Hakan Mutaf, Mr. Ahmet Azman,  Mr. Musa Pehlivan, Mr. Sabri Onaran,  Mr. Sedat Coşkun,  Ms. Sultan Işik, Mr. Ali Dökmeci,  Mr. Hüseyin Bora Benli,  Mr. Selim Yilmaz,  Ms. Makbule Çevik,  Ms. Fadime Gökkan


Partner institution 5 – Pieksämäki Adult Education Centre, Finland


Partner institution 6 - Association M Cube(M3)”

3 persons -Mr. Jean-Michel Damianthe, Mr. Didier Chalaye, Mr. Marc Konick


Partner institution 7 – Hellenic Commerce Development Centre, Greece

3 persons -Mrs. Zacharo Papadopoulou, Mrs. Tsaltampasi Apostolina, Mrs. Papadopoulou Niki


Host Institution         

PROFICIO, o. s. Nový Jičín, Czech Republic

Contact Person

Mrs. Petra Vávrová

Address : Máchova 30, Nový Jičín 74101, Czech  republic

Contact details:

  • telephone: 0042 0725 210  053
  • e-mail:















                To Prague Airport (Czech Republic) by plane


 Hara and Jean Michel team-  the minibus will wait for you at in  airport parking at 10.00 am,  the payment for all minibus is  7 900,- , =  315 euro, (158  euro or 3950 , per team) if you want to pay in euro.

 I need you send me all  your details to prepare invoices please. Also I need to know, number of your flights. The driver will wait for you at terminal, and will hold in his hands  poster with title  “ GRUNDTVIG”


Joanna-    by airport express bus, payment cash in  bus,  please prepare  60,- ,, PAYMENT IN CZECH CROWNS! ( 2,42 euro) , then by train from Main railways station Prague ( Jo,  we will stay in touch, when I know by which train you will arrive, I will adjust a taxi to wait for you at railway station)


Cem  and his team -   by airport express bus, payment  cash in bus, , please prepare  60,- , per person, PAYMENT IN CZECH CROWNS!

 ( 2,42 euro) , then by train from Prague ( payment online), the minibus+ car will wait for you at 19.00 at railway station


               To Ostrava Airport (Czech Republic ) by plane


Rima and her team - the minibus will wait for you at 18.30 at Ostrava airport, the payment will be 400 or  16 euro.


Tuesday, Wednesday

We will use 2x  taxi to take us for dinners, the   way  there and back  will be  for 200 ( 8 euro ) per car. This price will be divided by number of persons. Its car for 7 people, so it means  30 (1,2 euro) per person/ way to one dinner and back. PAYMENT IN CZECH CROWNS.



We will use for our trip public transport –bus. One way costs 19,-kč (0,8 euro) .



For dinner we will use taxi, the price will be the same, as on Tuesday and Wednesday


For partners leaving on Thursday and Friday,- please if you will want me to adjust for you transport to Ostrava or Prague, contact me asap.








                       Abacia hotel accommodation for 25 people is booked for 27th, 28th, 29th,   February and 1st, March, depends on team.

The single room is for   1350   -20%, - it means 1080 ,you can pay the accommodation in Euro currency, but I recommend to you, to pay it in Czech crowns (the rate in hotel isn’t profitable)

The double room is for 1850,--20% it means 1480,-








Welcoming dinner at 20.00


The price for dinner will be about   200 -300,-kč (8 -12 euro) PAYMENT IN CZECH CRONS OR BY CARD




Lunch at Hotel Praha-   the price for lunch will be about 100 -150 (5 -6 euro) PAYMENT IN CZECH CROWNS OR BY CARD


Dinner at Hotel Zámeček Starý Jičín- the price for dinner will be about 200 -300  (8 -12 euro), starter costs about 80,-kč ( 3 euro) PAYMENT IS ALLOWED ALSO IN EURO OR CARD





Lunch at restaurant Šatlavaabout 80 -100 ( 3 -4 euro) PAYMENT IN CZECH CROWNES OR BY CARD


Dinner at Hotel Salaš- the price for dinner will be about 100- 200 (5 – 10 euro)





Lunch at brewery- the price for lunch will be about 100 -200 (5-10 euro)



Dinner at Motorest Starý Jičín- the price for dinner will be about 100- 200 , (5 -10 euro)


-For the Monday dinner , I will give you exact price till end of  this week.-


.Social activities



Payment for music band on Tuesday– 188,- (7. 45 euro) per person – payment in Czech crowns cash, our company will prepare an invoice for you

Payment for Karaoke on Wednesday - 50,- (2 euro)-  payment in Czech crowns cash, our company will prepare an invoice for you

Payment for Thursday trip  - 480,- ( 19 ,22 euro) – contains, visit of castle, memory list, visit of brewery with tasting of beer- light or dark one,  passing on citizens of  Wallachian Kingdom,  passports for wallachian citizens. payment in Czech crowns cash, our company will prepare an invoice for you



Monday 27th  February 2012



20. 00

Arrival day

Dinner ( at restaurant of  Hotel ABACIA – place of your accommodation)




Tuesday 28th  February 2012

7.00 -9.00

Breakfast  at hotel ABACIA


Our together departure from hotel ABACIA to meeting with mayor of city

10.00- 12.00

Welcoming reception with mayor of city

Local TV station shooting

Introducing of city with guide and  translator

12.00- 13.30

United lunch at restaurant  Hotel Praha in the square

14.00 - 15.30



15.30 -16.00


16.00- 18.00





18.00 -19.00


Workshop 1 – ,,Monitoring project development. Project Evaluation” (coordinators‘ reports) 


Coffee break


Workshop 2 – ,,Preparation of the final product of the project-

Compendium and DVD with animations and photos.

Discussing the draft version. Discussion on work plan for the further period of designing the product ”


Free time


19.00 -23.00

United departure by taxi from Hotel ABACIA, for a dinner to restaurant Zámeček Starý Jičín,

 with  music – band Ruky na Dudy from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm ,presents traditional music of our region Beskydy. It uses original instruments from different periods, associated development, reports, and various styles of  playing.





Wednesday  29th  February 2012

7.00 -9.30

Breakfast at Hotel Abacia





Workshop 2 – “Preparation of the final product of the project” (continuation)


12.00 -13.30

Lunch time at restaurant Šatlava

14.00 - 15.00

15.00- 15.30

15.30 –17.00

Workshop 3  - “Preparations for the meeting in Greece”

Coffee break

International photography exhibition  and evaluation of the photography course results, discussion on the impact on learners


17.00 - 18.30


Free time

18.30- 23.00

United departure by taxi from Hotel ABACIA, for a dinner to restaurant Hotel Salaš

KARAOKE SHOW  at restaurant Salaš  after dinner



Thursday 1st  March 2012

7.00 -9.00

Breakfast at Hotel Abacia


Our together departure for public  transport


Our departure to Štramberk by bus

10.30 – 12.00

Visit the tower of the former castle, visit of  brewery with tasting

12. 00 – 13.30

Lunch  at brewery

13.30 – 15.00

Passing on the wallachian citizens

15.30 -19.00


19.00 -22.00

Free time


Departure by taxi to Motorest Starý Jičín for farewell dinner and Certificate Ceremony

Feedback and Evaluation of the Meeting Activities



Friday 2nd March 2012


Breakfast at hotel  Abacia

9.00 …

Departure of  participants



Homework for the meeting


Partners are requested to bring the following items with them:

1) cordinators‘s reports (max. 15 min. per institution) on the project activities, results,  internal evaluation and dissemination events in their institutions in November- December 2011, January-February 2012.

2) six printed out photos ( three photos – A4, three – A5) made by learners (for the international exhibition “My Family Heritage/Heritage of Different Generations“) 

3) collections of photos, videos from previous meetings – (CD or DVD format) as material for preparation for the meeting in Greece)

4)your favourite song in karaoke  version from each country ( in native language) J

Please in flash card.



Looking forward to seeing you all,

 on behalf of the institution,

Petra Vávrová, project coordinator