VALUE + project

YOUTH in ACTION European program


VALUE + is a training course hosted in Saumur, France, from the 16th until the 24th of June 2014 (including travel days), hosted by E-Juniors association and in collaboration with a Portuguese organization called Check-In. The topic of this training is attitude for learning and its use in entrepreneurship and how to develop tools and methods for personal and professional development.

The number of participants was 24 in total. These participants were mainly youngsters, aged from 22 until 32 years old, unemployed or with fewer opportunities and some youth workers and team leaders to act as multipliers after the project. All communications happenend in English.


The objectives and activities were:

-  get to know organizations interested in promoting entrepreneurship methods and tools among the youth,

-  provide an opportunity for key actors to share their views about entrepreneurship a get to know success cases of entrepreneurship in real practice,

-  share good practices and methods among peers, 

-  promote motivation among the participants and local community for personal and professional development, 

-  provide fundamental tools and methods for developing entrepreneurship and attitude for learning.


The activities were based in active and non-formal methods: team building, discussion sessions, work and reflection groups, visualizing videos and powerpoint presentations, games, intercultural evenings, visit of the local community, etc.

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