Thessaloniki 14 – 18 May 2012




14th of May




15th of May


9.30 Meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki.

Presentation 1 of the vice-president:

Business environment in Thessaloniki (what does the register trade allows? National/international aspects)

Presentation 2 (studies and research department): mostly service economy

CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) located in Thessaloniki.

TCCI: participation in EU programs, with different kind of organisations (Leonardo, Erasmus, Med programs…)

Send him a mail with the association presentation (website) (ask Monique whether E-Seniors presentation or M3 Cube presentation)



Project Meeting at the KAELE host organisation

Finland: issues = The New DVD not working, the one who elaborate it didn’t test it

You can see pictures and animations; we can’t see the menu functions

The DVD comes with files instead of interface, don’t know what software to use

Proposal: create a film file on 1 DVD

England: will try to find a solution, can fix the photos in the film

Create PDF (diaporama), turn PDF files into video films


Discussion about the final report = online form, brief information have to be given, need to complete it, a 1st draft have been produced at the end of the day.


·        Need to create a summary of the project results (prepare a formal presentation and results of the project)


·        Need to prepare a sample animation program as a pilot education program with different steps (and then give it to educational centres) = preparation of a precise guide


(EST) European Shared Treasure: Coordinator organisation has to put information, results of the project on this platform.




16th of May:



Meeting at the Chamber of Professionals of Thessaloniki. Presentation of the Greek average working hours, salaries… History and mission of the Chamber.

Discussion on the European political, economic situation…

The Chamber participates in Leonardo, Med programs…



Sightseeing: bus tour



Meeting at KAELE office.

Formal welcome from the general secretary of KAELE and the vice-president of the trade association of Thessaloniki.


Work on the compendium.

A word document will be elaborated by KAELE and sent to E-Seniors by Monday, 21st -> need to change the document in a good format and send it to Finland.

1 copy of the DVD per partner will be sent by Finland.


17th of May:


Trip to Vergina: visit of Philipos II tombs and museum

Meeting with the mayor of Trikala and the mayor of Kalambaka, discussion about the specificities of these cities.

Visit of Meteora, monasteries.


18th of May: