Grundtvig Partnerships

Kick - off Meeting


4th 6th November 2009

vhs Selb - Germany





4th November


1100 - 1800





Arrival of the participants in Marktredwitz by train, by car to hotel

Welcoming of all the meeting participants in hotel lobby


Dinner hotel restaurant



5th November







1030 1045


1045 1300




1330 1400


1400 - 1530



1530 - 1800






Introduction: The new project

a  project ideas

a  target groups

a  main aims


Coffee break



How to realize the project ideas in each partner organisation?

Individual problems and possibilities


Lunch time


Coming together with German Seniors




a  How to use the outcomes of the first project?

a  Is it possible to organize an exchange of teachers?


Dinner at hotel




6th November


900 - 1030





1030 - 1045


1045 - 1400










  Workplan and discussion on next steps

  Meeting schedule and decision on the places for the project meetings


Coffee break


  Discussion and coordination of evaluation and dissemination

  Document guidelines

  Discussion on Project products: Should we create a new project website and LOGO?

  Allocation of the responsibility


End of meeting, departure or cultural event






Project description


The project is adressed to teachers for seniors as well as to seniors themselves. The European society gets older and older. The ammount of older people who are still working increases permanently. At the same time, the requirements on employed persons to adapt to innovations and technological progress grow faster and faster. The gap between professional experience of older citizens and technological know-how of the young generation becomes bigger and bigger.


The project based on the knowledge of a previous partnership which tried to make the access to new technologies easier for older citizens. It is aimed on teachers in the adult education with special offers for senior citizens. Target-group-specific training methods and individual support at the studying makes it possible to use existing knowledge profitably.


Especially teenagers and young adults should be confirmed in their teaching activities, to improve the networking in technological knowledge and working experience. The task of the project is to support younger teachers in course planning and execution. The development of special training methods is task of the project besides teamteaching and observation. It is not a classic student-teacher-relation, the main subjects of this education are exchange of knowledge and experience.


Target groups of the project are senior citizens just like young teachers. Senior citizens profit from improved teaching methods, teachers can utilize her acquired knowledge also professionally, e.g. for presentations . Besides existing knowledge can be utilized by it profitably for enterprises further on.




Project aims (as we applied)


The project aims can be devided into to 3 parts: Aims for teachers, aims for seniors and aims for institutions.


For teachers:

- should be enabled to create specific lessons for seniors with all needs this target group has. That means learning by using all senses, new ways to explain, new examples etc.

- are encouraged to hospitate in partner organisations to get an impression of different teaching methods.


For seniors:

- are enabled to use new technologies, mainly computer. They fulfill the requirements of labour market and can still stay at work.

- can use internet for getting informations and to use special offers

- can use e-mail to get in touch with relatives in other parts of the country or europe.


For the institutions:

- enlarging teaching methods especially for seniors

- exchanging experience