June 2010 – Teachnet project

This is what we call a « rallye »

You have to go thru the questions and find the answers


1.    where to find a dentist near to my house?

2.    What time is it now in Hong Kong?

3.    Where can you  find a picture of the Palace of  Versailles  ?

4.    Use it as a desktop wallpaper . Hint: right click.

5.     Find the translation of "we must live day by day" in Portuguese and Hungarian.

6.    Where to apply for a birth certificate (online) ?

7.    Convert 25 euro in yen and in dollars ?

8.    What is the telephone prefix of Cyprus ?

9.    Maria Callas, Chopin and Delacroix are buried in the same place, where ?

10.                        Find online and watch national television news of four days ago.

11.                       Find the opening hours and closing days of the « Colosseum » in Rome

12.                       Prosper M. and Georges B. knew how to make her sing all over the world, who is she ?

13.                       Find a list of the taxi ranks in your town with their telephone numbers.

14.                        Find a movie show in Paris where they play "La tête en friche "  

15.                       Where can you make a simulation online of your income tax ?

16.                        What is the title of the film which received the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1963 and who is the director.

17.                       The number of days of John Paul I’s papacy.

18.                       The time of route of the ferryboat from Helsinki to Stockholm.

19.                       What are the names of the six queens of Henry VIII ?

20.                       What is the name of the captain of the football team of your country for the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa