WEActiveVol – Ways to enhance active aging through volunteering

Erasmus +
18 months: 2016-2018


Coordinator: Wojewodzki Urzad Pracy w Katowicach (Poland)




Association E-Seniors (France), Asociacija "Iniciatyvu tinklas" (Lithuania)


ÖKA – Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány (Hungary)


Centrum dobrovolníctva (Slovakia)


CVCN – Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


The key aim of the WEActiveVol project is to strengthen the volunteering activity among the over 50 people. It will be accomplished by international cooperation of the staff of participating organisations, who will be exploring the theme of volunteering by exchanging ideas, knowledge, experience and good practices.


The specific goals are aimed at:

1.      Getting familiar with some basic law regulations and statistic data on the volunteering in the partners’ countries;

2.      Exploring the methods of work with the Over 50s volunteers in partners’ countries;

3.      Learning about obstacles, which  restrict the voluntary activity among the Over 50s;

4.      Gaining information about attitude of entities organizing voluntary work  towards the Over 50s volunteers;

5.      Promoting volunteering in partners’ countries through dissemination events, leaflet and brochure of good practices.


The target group consists of educators/trainers/coaches active in the adult education, volunteer coordinators, and project managers, practitioners working in the field of volunteering and active ageing, advisors, and decision-makers from the participating organisations. They will be directly addressed by the project activities. They will acquire knowledge and competences in the field of volunteering. The indirect target group are people aged 50+, including those at the pre-retirement age or in transition from work to retirement who are already performing voluntary work or could be involved in this activity. The latter indirect group consists of different supporting entities dealing with active aging or volunteering activities. Due to the project it will be able to get more people aged over 50 involved in voluntary activities, as the specialists working in favour of this group will learn how to prepare tailored to their needs trainings, which can help to equip volunteers at this age to carry out their tasks more effective.


Kickoff Meeting in Katowice 8-9 december, 2016


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