............Project: CitizenAct




Duration: 12 months (from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019)


Partners: University of Barcelona and Medical University of Lodz


Coordinator: E-Seniors



         Enabling European seniors to become actors of their health through digital tools

         Strengthening the process of co-creation and adaption of digital tools to the needs of the senior population through the organization of hackathons

         Creating a training program to improve seniors' knowledge and skills on the use of e-health applications, platforms and/or connected objects that stimulate a healthy and active lifestyle



        Senior Citizen (60+)

        Young entrepreneurs

        Young trainers



        Report on the needs of senior learners and the selected applications and tools

        Creation of a training program

        Organization of workshops in Paris, Lodz and Barcelona (see Hackathon Paris in 2019)

        Organization of hackathons in Paris, Lodz

        Recommendation paper on the use of digital e-health tools by seniors and on the process of intergenerational co-creation of digital tools

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