YSEE (Young Social enterprises with Young Entrepreneurs)

Erasmus+ - KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships for Youth


I- Duration of the project and Kick-off meeting

Duration: from February 2015 to February 2017

Kick-Off-Meeting: 4th and 5th May 2015 Pendik



Meeting in Fuerth


II- Consortium

1-      Pendik Belediyesi (coordinator) TURKEY


2-      Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen Nurnberg GERMANY



4-      E-Juniors Association - FRANCE


5-      T.C. Okan Universitesi TURKEY


6-      Zirve Eğitim LTD. TURKEY


III- Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of new social enterprises and increase institutional and financial capacity of the existing social enterprises by analyzing the needs and raising awareness among different institutions at different levels.

Project purposes are,

a) Giving support to new social enterprises by developing a self-learning and teaching/training materials for trainers/mentors.

b) Increasing institutional & management capacity of existing social enterprises by providing access to free materials via digital platforms.

c) Increasing financial capacity of existing social enterprises by facilitating access to external fund mechanisms via databases and learning/teaching/training materials.

d) Raising awareness on social entrepreneurship by various activities (dissemination, training, valorization, exploitation, multiplier events, promotion etc.) which will be implemented.

e) Increasing the number of competent young people and trainers/mentors in social business sector by enhancing their management, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge with non-formal methodology.

f) Building capacity and creating network among partners from different countries and organizations with different set of skills, capacity and cultures in the context of social entrepreneurship.

g) Enabiling to free access to knowledge with Open Educational Resources (OER) and materials in this area which has scarce resources in terms of educational materials and intellectual outputs.

h) Increasing opportunities for e-learning/blended learning in this area via digital platform.


IV- How the objectives will be achieved?

Young Social Enterprises with Young Entrepreneurs (YouSEE) project is a research based project.

9 intellectual outputs will be created with training needs analysis of target group and non formal methodology integrated to them to compensate the needs. Intellectual outputs aim at young people between age of 18-30 who would like to become social entrepreneurs and enhance their capacity on social entrepreneurship.

Outputs will be tested with 2 pilot and 1 international trainings. 90 learners are aimed to receive the first pilot trainings in 4 countries by 6 partner organizations.

Project is also designed to create a training of trainers.

90 trainers will attend to second pilot trainings in 4 countries by 6 partner organizations.

26 participants will enjoy international learning opportunity held in Paris to demonstrate the impact of intellectual outputs. These trainings will be certified in order to ensure recognition of skills acquired.