The Project

Based on a research in the field of intercultural event management and training the PS found out that there is lack of:
a) specific knowledge in the cultural behavior of the hosts and of the guests;
b) third language skills (besides the mother tongue and English);
c) cooperation between VET institutions and SMEs working in this field
d) and there is a low rate of mobility of trainees in countries involved.

The project idea is transfer of know-how in the field of event management/training in the participating countries. A different intercultural access to realize an event in every participating country is very interesting for all participants.

1. Objectives
a) Enhancement of transn. mobility Staff/trainees will make use of the mobilities(to 7 transn. meetings);
b) Improvement of an European collaboration in the field of event management/training: know-how transfer of 7 unique events e.g program, cultural and historical background, catering of the selected events
c) Improvement of language skills (English and the language of the host organizations)

2. Aproach Within the meetings we will organize workshops:
a) Theoretical background(e.g. checklist, historical/regional background, highlights, recipes)
b) Language lessons (basic phrases in GER, BUL, FR, TR, ES)
c) Practical training(backstage TEAM-training): the learners/experts will go backstage - to get know-how of the working process of each event (for ½ day – guided by a local expert/staff member)

3. Project target group:
Our target groups are staff, trainers and students working in the following sectors:
- event management
- tourism
- catering
- cultural management

4. Project results
a) website
b) 2 newsletters
c) training plan “intercult. event management”
d) 7 transnat. meetings
e) Intercult. Event-Cook-Book