HEuRITAGE project

Coordinator : Community centre De Zeyp -  Ganshoren - Belgium (www.dezeyp.be)

Other partners :

Czech Republic : Department of Slavonic Languages (http://www.uhk.cz/)

Cyprus : Friends of the Earth Cyprus (www.foecyprus.weebly.com)

France : E-Seniors association

Hungary : MOSTart Nemzetközi Kulturális Közhasznú Egyesület (www.mostart.org)

Italy : CEIPES - Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e lo Sviluppo (www.ceipes.org)


Portugal : Olho Vivo (www.olho-vivo.org)

United Kingdom : University of Wales , Newport (www.newport.ac.uk )


HEURIT(AGE) deals with senior citizens learning groups, promoting their cultural and historical heritage and developing their European citizenship, in dialogue with younger generations and using new technologies.
All groups and partner organisations will share local memories and patrimony in a multilingual database web tool; pictures, stories and movies from the past. A searchable web tool with information from all partner countries like: how classrooms looked in the fifties, wedding celebrations in the thirties, local cultural amateur dance groups in the seventies...
Local communities’ digital memory, mapped on European level. 
The project will implement:

  1. learn to reflect on the 20th century using audio-visual and computer tools
  2. Improve basic ICT and foreign language knowledge to facilitate communication with younger generations and international partners
  3. Enlarge their horizon through international partner meetings
  1. Improving methodologies for learning processes for senior citizens
  2. Disseminating local achievements,
  3. sharing good didactic practices
  4. Exchange experiences with colleagues international  


Web site of the project

Preparatory visit in Krakow - - january 2009


Photos from Krakow

Main common components of the project , are:

-           Heritage: we focus on the local history (mainly of the 20th century) with as well elements of national or cultural heritage value, as well as elements from individual and personal value (socio cultural, family history,…)

-           (AGE): is referring to senior citizens. This mean that all partners will work with senior citizens groups; or as groups who reflect as experts by excellence on the past of the local community. This can be different from partner to partner: some will focus on the history of the locality, others will pick up cultural issues (f.e. special Fado music – Lisbon ; disappeared professions like street sellers with chariots – Paris ,…)   

-           ICT and language:  Besides exploring the heritage, dose both elements ICT and languages are key learning processes in the project.
Main aim is: ICT courses for senior citizens; basic level and in connection with heritage (digital ‘pictures, sound, video’) also on a second level through learning how to assemble and disseminate all those heritage elements in web tools.


Each partner in the project HEuRIT(age) has to develop on a creative way it’s own contribution to the project. Common to all are the 3 elements above.

  Existing flamish database : www.ganshoren-ingezoomd.be

A web database tool in a multilingual environment will be developed in partnership for gathering all the local heritage elements and for creating a new heritage forum between all the partners involved. Multilingual means that every partner can use this tool in its own language AND has to chare the info rmation with all the other partners by using English as second language. For this the language courses and the basic learning of English can become locally an element of the project.
Besides the exchange of educational tools like the ICT courses for senior citizens, this one web database with comparable heritage content from all the partner countries, will give the project a real European dimension in its concrete output.



First (Kickoff) meeting in Budapest (Hungary) 19 and 20th of Novembre 2009

Photos from Meeting




Second meeting in Newport (UK) 4th and 5th of March 2010

Photos from Meeting


Presentation from France

Presentation from Czech republic



Third meeting in Sintra (Portugal) n1-2 July 2010

Photos of the meeting - Monique

Photos - Maria from PL

Minutes from Sintra meeting


Fourth meeting in Cyprus oct 10

Photos from Monique

Fifth meeting in Palermo - january 2011

Pictures (from Monique)


Minutes from Palermo meeting

Sixth meeting in Brussels


Themes : definition

Photos :


Photos from Jorge

PPT presentation : Music in France