SHES: Sharing Economy for Seniors

Erasmus+ project

Starting date: 01/10/2019

Finishing: 30/09/2021


-          E-seniors, France

-          Instalofi Levante SL, Spain

-          Panepistimio Thessalias, Greece

-          Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza Agli Anziani, Italy

-          Institut Antona Trstenjaka za gerontologijo in medgeneracijsko sozitje, Slovenia

The SHES project is set to help seniors get a better understanding of ICT and use it as a way of staying active and included in the daily life.Indeed, the growing role of ICT in our daily lives has led to concerns of increasing inequality between those who can and those who cannot take advantage of new technologies. One solution that the SHES partnerships has identified is sharing economy, a collaborative economic model based on people sharing possessions and services, either for free or for payment, usually using the internet in ways that produce economic, environmental, social and practical benefits.

The objective of the project is to offer skills and knowledge to seniors - older adults, with focus on baby boomers aged 50+, how to use sharing economy initiatives to improve their life and at the same time make the most of common used ICT - devices (smart phones, tablets) and accessible and affordable software.The project will use already existing smart, open, trusted and personalized learning solutions to optimize digital learning and to allow learners to engage and interact with content and with peers.

In practice, the main results that will be finalized during the SHES project and its completion are:

-          An introductory study about living standard of older population, retirement conditions and challenges and a State of The Art (SOTA) about existing solutions and initiatives in the field of sharing economy and ICT for seniors will be produced by all project partners.


-          A users' requirements report, whose data will be collected thanks to a questionnaire that seniors will answer and thanks to face-to-face focus groups.

-          A Silver Sharing Economy Guide to be tested during workshops with seniors will be developed by the project partners.

-          A Scientific Paperthat will be produced by the academic partner of the project, UoT and the business partner, FYG. The scientific paper will examine the experience of the project partners in their countries and make recommendations for policy change on the basis of that experience


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