INTERNET HOME CARE – European Social Fund






Consorzio Monviso Solidale





Consorzio Monviso Solidale - Fossano (Italy)

E-Seniors - Paris (France)

City Of Dlugoleka (Poland)





Internet Home Care is a EU project financed by the European Social Fund promoting the exchange of best practices in the field of social innovation and active ageing of the population.

The partners of the project will deepen their knowledge about different practices in the social field by attending meetings in three countries of the consortium.   The exchanges will be particularly focused on the development of new methods of intervention at home with seniors living in a situation of isolation.





The objectives of the project are:

-         To improve the knowledge of the activities and organization of the European partners and exchange opinions and information about practices, users involved, main issues, methodologies and involved institutions/local stakeholders;

-         Foster European cooperation between the involved partners in the framework of other EU projects in the field of social innovation.





In order to achieve these objectives, the project foresees 3 meetings:

-         1st meeting in Dlugoleka

-         2nd meeting in Paris

-         3rd meeting in Fossano


During these meetings, the partners met social workers and the major stakeholders from Paris and Dlugoleka working in the field of social innovation.




Meeting in Paris


-         Meeting with FING at E-Seniors office, presentation of social innovation and ICT projects

-         Exchange of good practices between Ressac Volontariat and Monviso Solidale

-         Visit of Collecterie, workshops of recycling and artistic reuse of wastes

-         Meeting at the 10th City Hall of Paris with Council of Seniors and France Bιnιvolat









 Meeting in Fossano